5 Apps You Never Knew Drained Your Phone’s Battery

By admin on 10 Aug 2018

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If you are an iPhone owner then you probably know which apps are causing the most harm when it comes to battery drainage. If you’re unaware of this feature and you own an iPhone, simply go to Settings > Battery and scroll down to Battery Usage. From there, you should be able to see which apps are draining your phone’s battery life. If you are an Android user you can also check to see which apps are to blame. Go to Settings > Device >Battery or Settings > Power > Battery Use. This will show you a list of the apps you have installed and the amount of power they use.

If for some reason you are unable to find how much power your apps are using or you’re just curious as to which apps are most commonly causing phone batteries to drain, here are five that may or may not surprise you…


1. Snapchat:

If you’re an avid user of this app, you might have noticed just how notorious it is for draining your device’s battery. It can even cause a significant decrease in battery life when you’re using the app without being connected to an internet source. It’s also draining in terms of memory as well. One of the worst ways in which this app drains your battery without you realising it is through background activity. It might be a good idea to turn off your phone’s data capabilities and restrict your usage of Snapchat to WiFi only. You could also disable push notifications if the problem is particularly bad and you’d rather not delete the app entirely.

2. Netflix:

This one might seem a bit more obvious to most. Since you typically use this app to watch high-quality TV shows and films (sometimes for hours on end) it’s unsurprising that this app will cause a dent in your phone’s battery life. Not only that, but let’s not forget that Netflix is a streaming service so it requires the internet to function. One way to combat this reduction in power is to turn down your brightness display as your phone’s display is the main culprit when it comes to eating up battery life.


3. Google Maps:

Using location settings on apps like Google Maps will undoubtedly require significant amounts of battery power, particularly if you’re heading on a long journey and you need mobile data in order to use the app. While Google Maps has been and will continue to be a lifesaver for many, it’s a shame that it requires so much power to use it, particularly when it’s likely that the only times you need it are when you are required to use your data due to lack of WiFi. The only solution to this is to either plan your journey carefully in advance or bring a portable charger along with you.

4. Spotify:

Like Netflix, this app is yet another streaming service. It uses up a lot of battery power as a result, particularly when you are using your data to listen to your music. If you are using Spotify Premium, however, there is an offline mode you can use in order to combat this. If you use the app a lot, it might be worthwhile opting for offline mode and see if it makes any difference in terms of battery life.


5. Facebook:

The most widely used social media platform’s app uses up quite a lot of battery too. And it’s not all that surprising when you really think about it. The app is flooded with information and data constantly, from text posts to videos, to images… it’s a lot for one phone to handle! A tried and trusted tip for this is to delete the app completely and only use the browser version of the platform. That way, you won’t receive push notifications. Couple that with the fact that there would be no background activity, your battery life won’t be subjected to anywhere near as much turmoil. And honestly, when it comes to only using Facebook in your phone’s browser instead of the app, you really aren’t missing much.

Other culprits include messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and WeChat, along with the likes of Amazon and Outlook.

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