5 Reasons why your phone is all you need for the perfect Valentine’s Day

By admin@PAIR on 12 Feb 2018

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1: Music

Everyone loves music, right? If your date doesn’t, then it might be time to consider cutting Valentine’s Day short because who doesn’t like music? Spotify is probably the best place to find music for almost any occasion imaginable. There are so many playlists to choose from, and of course, there’s a romance genre available for users to browse for the perfect Valentine’s Day playlist. There’s even a playlist specifically tailored for Valentine’s Day! Don’t have Spotify? Just go to YouTube instead. There are tonnes of playlists on there too, and you don’t need to pay for Premium (which is great for the cheapskates among us)!

Tip: Use decent quality speakers for best results.

2: Food

Everyone also loves food. And again, if your date doesn’t, why are you even spending time with them in the first place? There are dozens of food delivery apps to choose from, including everyone’s favourite: Just Eat. Too busy or lazy to cook? Or maybe you just don’t have the skills, but want to impress your date on February 14th? Well, you can simply order food from your favourite restaurant on Just Eat before your date arrives, produce the food on preheated plates with a beautifully set table, and voila! It’s not lying, it’s just deception- there’s a difference… And you won’t have to wash up any pots and pans, so it’s a win-win.

Tip: Get rid of the packaging before your date arrives!


3: Poetry

Do you have a lot of feelings but don’t have the creative capacity to articulate them in an eloquently constructed sonnet? Well, there’s an app that can help you with that very relatable problem. Poet’s Pad is a creative writing tool to help eliminate that writer’s block. Prefer to recite lines from your favourite poet instead? POETRY by The Poetry Foundation is another great option. You’ll be the next Shakespeare in no time!

Tip: Don’t make it too cringe- you’re already reciting a poem to them.

4: Movies

More and more people are watching TV shows and movies on their smartphones than ever before. And why shouldn’t they? It’s way less cumbersome than carrying your television around all the time, believe me. And what’s more romantic for Valentine’s Day than watching a rom-com classic on Netflix with some popcorn and snacks? There are a lot to choose from, as you can see here. All you need now is a roaring fireplace- which Netflix actually has available to watch, by the way (yes, seriously).

Tip: Pick the film in advance so there’s no arguing over which one to watch.


5: Find your soulmate

No luck finding a Valentine’s Day date in the real world? So what? It’s 2018. No one meets people in person anymore. You can find a date using just your phone. Try the usual dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, or if you’re not convinced, have a look at the reviews for other dating apps and see if they’re more likely to fit what you’re looking for. Who knows? Your soulmate could be waiting for you.

Tip: Just don’t get catfished, ok?


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