Breathe New Life into Your Old Mobile Phone - Unlock It

It can be extremely frustrating when you have been with a network provider for a long time and decide to make a change, bringing your handset with you, only to discover that it is locked to the network and won’t accept your new SIM card. This is where Pair Mobile's professional mobile phone unlocking service steps in!

There are many different reasons why you might decide to change network providers, which is of course, your choice. However, it is important to understand that the providers themselves, who often provide handsets at subsidised rates, do want to keep the handset on their network for as long as possible to ensure that they recoup their costs.

How To Do It

As a first port of call in mobile phone unlocking, contact your network provider and see if they can help you out. Various networks have certain requirements before they will agree to unlock a phone, and, when you’re in a rush to get your phone up and running again this can be a pain. At Pair Mobile, we can unlock your phone for you saving you the heartache of wait periods as determined by the network you are leaving.

The Safe Approach

Once the handset is legally yours and you have fulfilled your obligations to your network provider in terms of contracts, then it is perfectly legal to opt to unlock your phone. Our highly-trained staff use specialised mobile phone unlocking techniques which ensure that your phone will be returned to you unlocked in the same condition we received it. There is plenty of information available online, some good – and some not so great, which advises different mobile phone unlocking techniques. We recommend approaching these with great caution as some can damage your phone irreparably while others will void your warranty.

Information Needed

If you do want to go ahead and get your handset unlocked professionally here is the information you will need to hand. The make and model of the phone, along with the IMEI and the network provider which it is currently locked to. iPhones are built with security top of mind and so, for those running iOS 7, you need to know the iCloud password details before beginning the mobile phone unlocking process. You will need to re-enter these to get the phone functioning again once the unlocking procedure has been performed. If you do not have this information, your iPhone may be rendered useless after it has been unlocked. So be sure to double check all of this information before you begin or you may end up with an even bigger headache.

I know people who have ditched their old handsets because it has been too much hassle to get it unlocked. Others I've spoken to have wanted to pass their old handset on but the recipient doesn’t want to have to get a new number. In the past, mobile phone unlocking may have been more difficult to achieve safely. However, now it is a viable option - one certainly worth exploring. Your handset cost you enough in the first place, don’t let being locked to a particular network provider cramp your style. Bring it into us at any of our now five Pair Mobile shops around the country (yes, we just opened a store in The Wilton Shopping Centre, Cork!) We’ll get it sorted for you in double jig time.

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