Need a fashion fix yesterday? - Smartphone Fashion Apps to the Rescue

Last week, we showed you Instagram snappers how to style your photos like Kylie Jenner. But our phones help us do so much more than just take photos. There is tons of choice when it comes to shopping and browsing fashion on your phone. For our fashionista fans, this week, we check out some of the best fashion apps to help you stay on trend – and entertained all the live long day! Never say Pair Mobile doesn’t sort you guys out!

1. Secret Closet

Secret Closet is an app which allows those of us who have a (healthy?) obsession with celebrity culture maybe get our hands on a preloved item from a real fashionista. Or, at least, that’s the promise of Secret Closet. Of course, because it depends on how many people are buying or selling in your area, there may or may not be a whole lot of choice to select from. But the idea is great.


This fashion app is not to be confused with Google Keep – which dominates in search engines. KEEP, the fashion app is one great big superstore for fashion. As the app is Us based, many of the products shown are from U.S. companies, and therefore possibly not available here. You can browse on the Keep app and when you want to buy it directs you to the checkout page on the retailers site where you complete your purchase. The problem with this is that not all of these retailers necessarily ship to Ireland, but many do.

3. Shopstyle

ShopStyle is a similar idea to KEEP. I like that you can select your country and currency before you begin so that you know exactly what the price is while you browse. Again, the app provides a huge range of retailers, though if you’re shopping in U.S. stores, remember that you’re going to have to pay shipping which can sometimes take the shine off a great find.

4. The Hunt

The Hunt is a great app that consists of a community only too happy to help you hunt down what your looking to buy. We see this every year at Christmas on social media when people are desperately trying to source the must have gift. But, with The Hunt, you can do it all year round without people thinking you’re nuts! How does it work? You’ve seen a photo of an outfit or item that you just have to have, but have no idea where to buy it. Upload an image to The Hunt and let other fashion minded folks help you out.

5. ASAP54

ASAP54 is similar to The Hunt in that it helps you find what you want, but with a slight difference. While The Hunt gets a community of people involved, ASAP54 uses imaging technology to find either the same or similar outfits to what you’re looking for. Here you can either browse the curated selection on the app or upload your own image or url for the app to search for. It will show you the most similar items for sale from various retailers.

6. Polyvore

Prepare to say goodbye to your evening with Polyvore! This is a great app for those who think of themselves as a bit of a budding stylist. On this app you can style up entire outfits, add backgrounds and borders and effects to create your own personalised ‘shoot’ which you can then publish to your blog or social media. It’s so much fun! Oh, and if you get bored with that, you can always shop til you drop!

7. Pose

Another one for the stylists, Pose lets you share your look with the rest of the pose community. If you enjoy taking selfies or having a friend take photos of your latest look and sharing them with the world, a world that actually wants to see them! – then Pose is for you. Or, you may just like to browse and get inspiration from others, it’s up to you.

8. Chic Sketch

This is another fun fashion app! Chic Sketch lets you upload a photo of your look of the day to the app. Then a real fashion illustrator turns it into a sketch, the kind of thing you see in the look books of design houses in Paris and New York. You can even pay a small fee to buy your sketch so that you can print it off and display it in pride of place in your home.

9. Stylebook

This is for those amongst us who are serious about their wardrobe choices. Stylebook works on the concept of building a stylebook of your entire wardrobe on the fashion app. Great idea, however, it does necessitate some hard work on the user’s part. First of all, you’ve got to get your entire wardrobe into the app. But once you’ve done that, the app can help you out with great styling ideas and shopping for items to match what you already have.

10. Stylect

What was I thinking leaving this one til last?! Stylect is a fashion app that promises to help you find your perfect shoes. And who doesn’t love shoes? We’ve only got two feet, but somehow, we end up with a vast array of shoes. Still need more? Stylect can help.  Do you heart what you see? Then swipe right, if not left it goes. Create a wish list of items and get notified when they go on sale, or heck, just buy it right away.

Do you love fashion? We’d love to know whether you guys do actually shop and browse fashion on your phones via fashion apps or are you an old fashioned, walk the streets to find the best bargain type? For us, even though we love doing all manner of things on our phones, it’s still fun to browse the shops at times, it gets you out of the house, you can touch the fabric in your fingers – we all do it! And it offers the opportunity to shop local and support Irish business. Next time you embark on a shopping trip, why not stop by Pair Mobile and say hi! We’d love to see you. 

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