Party Season is on the Way – Mind Your Phone!

At Pair Mobile, with our iPhone repair service, we are here to pick up the pieces when a weekend of revelry turns into a Monday hangover from hell.

Monday’s can be dreary enough without adding a broken iPhone screen into the equation. Unfortunately, we see this happen week in, week out. And as the party seasons kicks into gear smashed iPhone screens will be on the up.

For some, it may be too late – despite your best efforts that pesky phone just flew out of your hand while you were emphatically arguing your case for your choice of karaoke song at the office party. It happens, we’ve all been there!

My iPhone is damaged, what now?

First, take a deep breath. It’s going to be ok.

Many smartphone owners who have had an accident with it tend not to bother getting their iPhone repaired. They think it might be too expensive or feel that they couldn’t bear to be without their phone while it’s being mended. The reality is that when the casing or iPhone screen has cracked there is a significant possibility that moisture will get into the inner workings of the phone causing even bigger problems down the road.

Dropping your phone can not only result in an unsightly gash across the glass on the screen but if there are problems with the layers underneath, such as the LCD panel, the phone may have trouble lighting up or the colours might appear skewed. If the digitiser, another layer in the phone’s screen, is also damaged this will impair your use of the phone as the touch screen capability will be reduced.

iPhone Repair at Pair Mobile

You don’t have to live with this until your next upgrade. Call our iPhone Repair team at Pair Mobile on Freephone 1800 804 350. We’ll get your phone back to its old self in no time.

If you are within travelling distance of any of our 4 stores we can carry out your smartphone or iPhone repair in under an hour with our express iPhone repair service. We understand that, for many, your phone is like an extra appendage and that you can’t be without it for any significant length of time. Or, if you can’t come to us, we also offer a collect and deliver service both within the Dublin region and further afield. Our fully trained technicians repair all models of smartphone and tablets to the highest standards. At Pair Mobile, we cover our work by a comprehensive warranty for a year, meaning you don’t have to worry!

5 Ways To Keep Your Phone Safe

Prevention is always better than cure, so how can you make sure that your phone survives the festive season? Here are our top tips!

  • Cover Up
  • – Our phones come everywhere with us these days. Whether it’s the bathroom, the car, rock-climbing, shopping or on a night out, we constantly expose our phones to a lot of potentially damaging environments. There are tonnes of smartphone cases and covers to choose from. These don’t just make your phone look good, they really do protect it too. Browse our collection of accessories to give your phone an added bit of protection.

  • Store It
  • – Get into a habit of keeping your iPhone or other smartphone in a safe place. Often when we’re in a rush we just jam it in our pocket or throw it into the handbag, but these two common places we store our phones are not the safest. It doesn’t take a lot for a smartphone to hit off something and break.


  • Protect Your Screen
  • – Invest in a screen protector for your devices. Accidents happen, so be proactive about looking after your most beloved possessions. At Pair Mobile, we stock this tempered glass screen protector.

  • Stay Warm
  • – As the first winter flurries arrived in Dublin this week, keep in mind that smartphones are not completely waterproof. The Irish winter climate can wreak havoc on phones. A forgotten phone that has spent the night in a freezing car could be at significant risk of damage.

  • Keep Your Eyes Peeled
  • – Though not related to damage of your phone, a final note of caution for the party season. There are those who will jump at a chance to swipe a phone from a table while you’re distracted. Smartphone theft is a huge problem, as evidenced in this article from earlier this year. So, remember to put it away safe between selfie opportunities to prevent it going astray.

    Enjoy the build up to the festive season, and if we can be of any assistance at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!





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