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By admin@PAIR on 28 Nov 2017

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We all love a good life hack – whether it’s using a keyring to keep your dodgy zip up, (yep that’s a great one!) or making phone headaches disappear.

SIM Swap

Sometimes swapping your sim card just has to be done. Oh, the thoughts of it! Losing numbers, losing millions of selfies – and worst of all, losing your number which has become an extension of you over the years. Is there any greater headache than having to remember a new phone number when the old one is indelibly printed in your brain? Never mind having to tell everyone you know you’ve changed numbers!

Well, we are here to tell you it doesn’t need to be like that. There are handy ways to ensure that you never lose your contacts and you can back up your images elsewhere before ditching your old handset or sim.  If it’s an emergency and the phone has had an injury, our savvy technicians at Pair Mobile may be able to save the day. But in other situations, follow our simple steps below to transfer your number to your new SIM card without the headache.

Keep my Number

The first thing to consider when you want to keep your existing number is whether you are locked into an existing contract with your current mobile phone service provider. If you’re not sure, give them a quick call and see where you stand. Your current provider may charge you a fee for wanting to leave a contract early and you should be aware of that before you start the sim swap.

Activate a New SIM card with Your Old Number

If all is good on the contractual side of things, you can go ahead and begin the change over process.

What You’ll Need

To start you need your PAC code. This generally comes in the box with your handset or SIM, but if not, your provider will be able to give you one. PAC stands for Port Authorisation Code and just means that you are authorised to change from the network you’re on to another one.

The other bits and bobs you’ll need are, obviously the phone number you wanna keep, the number of your new SIM card and you’ll also need to give them you’re details for registration, as usual.

Keep a note of the payment for the SIM and also any login details you have for your new network handy, too.

What to Expect

As you might expect, the change over from one service to another can cause a slight hiccup in service. So, it’s best to do this on a day when you don’t absolutely have to make some very important calls – and don’t try to do it on a weekend, you don’t deserve that!

When the sim swap has been activated by your service provider, your old sim will stop working. This is the point at which you can take it out of the phone and insert your new one. You’ll have to turn off the handset, insert your new SIM card and power it back on.


Inserting your new SIM card

Have you noticed how SIM cards come in all different sizes now? It can get confusing. Which one does your phone need, where do you put it? This can be particularly confusing if you haven’t changed your phone or SIM card in a while.

Your new SIM card may be smaller than the one you had before. It may come with a SIM card adapter, which it fits into and then slides into your device easily.

If you are working with a new device that you’re not familiar with, the SIM card slot may be at the side of the phone and can come with a SIM card tool, kinda like a paperclip that helps get it out later on.

Ta Dah! (Almost)

Hopefully, when you turn the phone back on it will be working perfectly with the new service providers network details displayed. If you get a SIM card registration failed notification don’t panic. The process may just take a little while. Turn your phone off and try again later. Constantly checking won’t make it happen any faster, so try to forget about it for a while (an hour or so) before turning it back on again.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on a pay as you go option, once you change service providers, no existing credit will be transferred. So, make sure to use it before you start. Also, don’t cancel your number with your existing service provider, if you do this it won’t be able to be used by your new provider.

In this day and age, swapping over to a new SIM card while keeping your old number should be as easy as we have described above. If you’re having difficulty your network service provider should be able to help. And if you have any questions at all about smartphones, recommendations, how to’s or anything else, just drop us a note, we’re very active on Facebook! And we’ll be sure to address your questions soon.

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