The Importance of Choosing the Right Repair Service

By admin@PAIR on 18 May 2018

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We’ve all had at least one bad experience with a dodgy repair service. The appeal of a “bargain” to fix a cracked screen can often outweigh the fact that the place you’re taking your phone to is, well, sketchy. And if you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’ve heard all the stories. For example, your friend went to a local independent repair shop to fix their charger port. It took days to be fully repaired and when it was finally returned, your friend realised the phone’s home button no longer worked. Not only did your friend have to wait even longer for the damaged home button to be fixed, but they now swear they will never opt for a “cheap” repair service ever again, no matter how much money they think they’ll save.


In the long run is it really a saving if you have to do it more often, or if when you get the phone back the problem is fixed but something else is broken? There’s always a risk when it comes to cheap repairs, and more often than not, it simply isn’t worth that risk just to save a bit of money. Here are three disadvantages of falling into the trap of cheap or unreliable phone repairs:

  1. Bad quality parts:

Cheap doesn’t always mean bad quality, but when it comes to phone parts and components, it’s safe to say that the cheaper the part, the more likely it will fail to repair the device, or even worse, actually damage the device even more. According to Alex Sebastian, co-founder of Toronto’s Orchard: “If a price is low, it means they’re either buying cheap parts, which is very problematic, or they’re skimping on labour, which is also pretty problematic.” And that’s the reality when it comes to cheap repairs. If it seems like the value for money is too good to be true, it probably is.

And it’s easy for anyone to find cheap parts. For example, you can purchase a cheap Touch ID sensor for an iPhone for as little as £6 on Amazon. But the catch is that it won’t be tested to Apple’s standard and will likely become faulty after just a few months. There is also a risk that your phone could be corrupted. While there is no guarantee that your phone will be damaged as a result of cheap parts, there is still a definite potential for malfeasance. So why risk it?


  1. Infecting phones:

Untrustworthy repair services can result in technicians tampering with a customer’s phone. A group of researchers have shown how repair shops when requested to repair a screen can also syphon data from Android handsets or infect them with malware. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed to happen when taking your phone to a cheap repair shop, but it’s still frightening to think that it could happen.

Ensuring the reliability of your technician is so important if you want to protect your device. Whether you decide to opt for a cheaper repair service or choose a more premium service, it’s crucial that you do your research before handing your precious phone over to any technician. Reading online reviews is a great way to find out exactly what type of experiences previous customers have had.


  1. They can’t afford the right equipment:

The bottom line is that cheap repairs are cheap for a reason. The problem is that they have to use the resources, equipment, and tools that are available to them. Unlike larger repair chains that have the proper tools for each device, smaller and cheaper repair shops often don’t have the correct equipment. Although it may seem like a phone is repaired well, the long-term lifespan of the repair can often prove otherwise.

So next time you need a quick repair, consider the value of your device. You want it to be treated properly and repaired the right way, without any risk of further damage, so don’t take the chance!

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