New Year – New You, thanks to these Apps & your Mobile Phone

By admin@PAIR on 22 Mar 2017

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Here we are, back to normal after the festive season. Most of us tend to feel a little heavier and slightly less fit than we were back in November and so January, with the promise of new starts is a perfect time to create some new year’s resolutions. There is no end to the list of things we may resolve to do in the new year but the tricky part is sticking to them.

Thankfully, our phones can help us out with a range of apps which help us to keep to our resolutions beyond the second week in January so that we can see real positive change in our lives. Whatever you want to do there’s an App for that.

Build a New Habit Or Break an Old One

Perhaps one of the most appropriate apps to help keep your new year’s resolution is HabitBull. This app helps you to track your habits and gives you motivation to keep going whether you are trying to create a new one or break an old one. HabitBull provides motivational images and a community forum so that you can get some peer support in your efforts. It’s well worth checking out in addition to some of the other apps to help stay on track.

Get Healthier in the New Year

This is perhaps the most eternally popular new year’s resolution. But what does getting healthy mean to you? If you want to lose weight and get fit MyFitnessPal is a great app which allows you to set goals, and track your food diary & exercise efforts while charting progress over time. The handy scan feature allows you to input food items directly from barcodes which saves time searching for different products.


If you want to concentrate on building your fitness there are a whole host of fitness apps which can help you to do this. If you are a beginner and want to start running there is a Couch to 5k app which helps you learn to run while building up to a great achievement marker of running 5k. There is an app from Nike called Nike+ Training Club which is packed with different types of workouts and lets you track all your activity to see real progress as you go.

Other health apps that may be worth exploring are ones for to help you quit smoking, get more sleep or increase mindfulness.

Save Up

If you are starting the new year with the goal of saving for a house in your sights, then a budgeting app such as MoneyWiz, might be for you. The best place to start saving is by recognising what exactly you’re spending each month, seeing where you can cut back and then budgeting accordingly. With tonnes of features and reports to help you get your finances on track this app will give you the support you need to get started saving.

Learn a Skill in the New Year

If you have always wanted to learn a new language but never got around to taking an evening class, you can now learn a language at your own pace in your free time from the comfort of your phone. Duolingo and Memrise are two great apps which make language learning fun and easy. If learning to code is more up your alley then Encode or Lrn might be the app of choice for you.

Or if you want to hone your creativity in 2017 you can learn to play an instrument with Yousician with plenty of tutorial videos and live feedback from the app on your playing from your instrument. If you’re planning on writing your way in the new year by penning your first novel or play, then apps such as Sigil or Trelby are worth checking out. Sigil will help you to format your work for the kindle platform, while Trelby is a great tool for budding playwrights. It has functions to detail different scene locations and to create unique character names.

It really is amazing the amount of information and support that is available to us at our fingertips through our phones. Whatever you do decide to take on as a New Year’s resolution, we here at Pair Mobile wish you the very best of success with it.

Please do comment below and tell us what you’re going to do and if you have found an app that will help you!

Happy New Year from all at Pair Mobile.

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