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Donate to Breast Cancer Ireland



PAIR Mobile has paired up with Breast Cancer Ireland (CHY 19926) to raise awareness and donate to their worthy cause.

After all, October is the pinkest month of the year!

For every €1 donated- PAIR Mobile will match it Euro for Euro, for the entire month of October.

You can choose to donate to BCI Ireland in denominations of €2, €5, €10 and €20 from the drop-down menu.

100% of your donation goes straight to Breast Cancer Ireland.

PAIR Mobile accepts zero recompense from your donation. For every single euro we raise on our website from people like you, PAIR Mobile will match it; euro for euro for the entire month of October.

By donating through PAIR Mobile you acknowledge we are acting on behalf of Breast Cancer Ireland CLG Registered Charity Number 19926 to accept monetary donations and that we will receive no monetary recompense through these transactions.


Breast Cancer Ireland works tirelessly year round to help raise awareness and fund crucial research in the treatment of Breast Cancer. 

BCI Ireland hosts multiple educational and awareness programs to promote breast health education every single year. 

Crucially, BCI Ireland fund breast cancer research and tirelessly work to reduce the fatality rates suffered annually from this disease.


About 45,700 people are diagnosed with cancer in Ireland. 

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in Ireland, with approximately 3,700 people being affected by this disease annually. 

Breast Cancer alone accounts for approximately 8% of new cancer cases annually in the country. 

Even now, in 2021, just about 18% of people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, will not survive. (690 deaths attributed to breast cancer annually)

This is why we stand behind Breast Cancer Ireland in their tireless pursuit of treatment of this disease and are proud to donate to their worthy cause.

(All statistics provided are correct as per the 2020 cancer data set provided by the Irish Cancer Society.)

 To learn more about the tireless work that BCI Ireland does or more about how you can help, check out their link below;

If you or somebody you know is suffering and need support, please reach out to Irish Cancer Society below;