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GA Black Clip-on Phone Cover for iPhone XS Max

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Color: Black
Two-in-one design. Easy to install Phone Cover with a detachable Clip-on back. The clip-on attachment can be used to keep your phone safe by clipping onto your pocket, your bag or even in the car.
  • Compatible with iPhone XS Max
  • Simple slip-on design is easy to install
  • Full polyurethane design with Rubber front cover
  • Approx. 8cm spring-loaded clip for clipping onto clothing, pockets or air vents
  • Slip-on Attachment is removeable and cover can be used with or without
  • 'Claw' style clip on attachment keeps your phone safe from knocks and drops
  • Simply 'click' the front cover into the back cover to attach and reattach the back clip-on back
  • Super lightweight and durable
  • Made for busy living and is hard enough to withstand drops and falls

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