Part Two: 3 Tips to Protect Your Phone from Hackers

By admin on 17 Jul 2018

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Welcome back to How to Protect Your Phone. In Part One we discussed how to best protect your phone’s hardware. Click here if you missed it. In Part Two we will explore three simple ways you can look after your phone’s software.


1. Update your phone’s software regularly:

Whenever your phone needs updating, it’s best to do so. For iOS, hackers can sometimes find flaws in its coding. Apple releases new updates in order to protect their iPhone users from this type of activity. If you want to check if you need to update your iOS device, go to the Settings app > General > Software update. If you are using an Android phone and want to check if its operating system needs to be updated, go to Settings > System updates > Check for system updates.

Make sure your phone is updated as often as possible to avoid any hackers exploiting possible flaws in the current operating system which could lead to them accessing your personal and confidential data.

2. Make sure your phone has a passcode:

If your phone doesn’t have a passcode, now is the time to create one. It seems like an obvious precautionary measure to take, but there are many people out there who simply don’t use one. When it comes to the iPhone, fingerprint and facial recognition are the main ways to unlock it. But there is no harm in adding an additional layer of security in the form of a passcode!

It’s also a good idea to change your passwords regularly. You can also password protect sensitive or personal data you wouldn’t want hackers or thieves to have access to, for example, your photos. That way your phone will be as secure as it possibly can.

If you have an iPhone and want to change the password go to Settings > [your name] > Password & security. With an Android device, got to Settings > Security > Screen lock.


3. Be cautious of open wifi:

Public and open wifi networks have many security issues due to the number of people accessing the network at the same place and at the same time. This can mean that your confidential data, including passwords, will be at risk.

While this is unavoidable, it’s still important to be very careful when using open wifi and it’s advised that you do not access any confidential data while using it.

We hope you enjoyed this little blog series on how to best protect your phone!

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