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2022 iPad Pro – What Great New Features Are Coming to Ireland?

2022 iPad Pro – What Great New Features Are Coming to Ireland?

The iPad Pro is a device that has many great features. Plus, it is easy to use. This is why it is not surprising that it is considered an excellent choice for those who want to do more with their tablet minus the hassle.

However, even with its impressive features, some are wary about purchasing the latest iPad model. This is because of its hefty price tag, which starts at $799/€804.


Well, if your current iPad is still in good working condition, you don’t have to replace it. But what if your device is malfunctioning? You may want to consider taking it to a trusted iPad repair shop like Pair Mobile.

Repairing your existing iPad may be cheaper than buying a new one, and it may not be as difficult as you think. Experienced technicians can fix any issues and make your device run like new again.

Mini-LED Display

The new iPad Pro has a mini-LED display, which is brighter and more energy efficient than the current OLED display. Not only will it offer more accurate colours, but it will also be more energy efficient.

Ultimately, this feature will enhance your viewing experience and help you save on power costs in the long run. 

Let's not forget the bonus of a longer lifespan for your iPad Pro's display. With a more durable display, you'll have less need for expensive repairs. However, this doesn’t mean that it is indestructible. It can still crack, so it is best to put a screen protector on it.

Call any of Pair Mobile's stores today, and we will help you choose the right screen protector for your iPad as well as install it for you.

M2 Chip – iPad Pro 2022 Processor

This is what truly sets this iPad model apart from its predecessor – the power M2 processor. It is the same chip found in MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

With the M2 silicon, the iPad delivers a snappy performance, easily outperforming its competitor and predecessor. It also enables a cool exclusive feature called Apple Pencil Hover wherein the device can detect the pencil when it is 12mm away from the screen.

Upgraded iPad Pro 2022 Camera Sensors and Lens

Are your current photos not quite turning out the way you envisioned them? Are you fed up with not having enough memory for your vacation snapshots? Well, you shouldn’t worry about these things with the latest iPad model! This is because its camera system will be upgraded with a new sensor and lens as well as improved software for better photos and videos. You can say goodbye to grainy, blurry shots and hello to sharp 8k photographs.

Thinner and Lighter Body

The iPad Pro's new, thinner, lighter body means even greater portability for those constantly on the go.

However, with slimmer technology comes the risk of the device getting easily damaged. Luckily, repair options for iPads are readily available. 

Pair Mobile offers same day repair services at multiple locations, so you can quickly get back to work or play without missing a beat.

New Colour Option

iPad Pro fans, rejoice! A new colour option, space grey, is finally available for purchase. This new addition to the iPad Pro family is sure to add some extra personalisation and flair to your favourite device. 

In case you're in the market for a matching case, look no further than Pair Mobile's collection of iPad cases. With sleek designs and durable protection, these cases are the perfect complement to your space grey iPad Pro.

The new iPad Pro is now out! It is packed with features that are sure to make it a hit! From the mini-LED display to the upgraded camera system, there are plenty of reasons to consider purchasing this latest device.

Meanwhile, if you're not quite ready to take the plunge on the new iPad Pro, consider getting your old one repaired. Just make sure you go to a trusted repair shop to get quality repairs and parts. Trained technicians can help extend your device’s life so you can get even more use out of it!

Is your iPad damaged? Book your iPad repair here today! We have trained technicians who can resolve all sorts of issues, from cracked screens to software problems.

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