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Check what Huawei Phone you have

Need to book a Huawei Repair and you don't know your Smart from your Y? 
Read our handy guide below to learn how to check your Huawei model at home in seconds.

Open up Settings

Huawei Settings Icon
Go through your Apps on your Huawei device and open up Settings.

Choose About Phone

Huawei Setting Page

Look for an option that says 'About Phone'. This may also be housed within 'Systems.'

 Check your Model

Huawei Model

You should see a 6 digit model with a dash in the middle. Each model number is a mix of letters and numbers.
The above example is VOG-L29.

Google the Model Number


Google Huawei Model

Enter the 6-digit code (with or without the "-" ) into Google or similar search engine.

This will show you exactly what Huawei Phone model you have so you can choose the right Huawei repair for your device.

The above example shows that the Model number VOG-L29 is a Huawei iP30-Pro

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