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Check what Samsung Phone you have

Need to book a Samsung Repair and you don't know your A from your S? 
Read our handy guide below to learn how to check your Samsung Galaxy model at home in seconds.

Open up Settings

Open your Samsung Settings  How to check your Samsung Galaxy model - PAIR Mobile
Go through your Apps on your Samsung Galaxy device and open up Settings.

Choose About your Phone

Check about your Phone - Check what Samsung Galaxy Device you have PAIR Mobile

Look for an option that says 'About Phone' or 'About Device.' On older models, this will be 'Status.'

 Check your Model

Check your Model - check what Samsung Galaxy model you have PAIR Mobile

You should see a 5 digit model with 'SM' prefix. Each model number is a mix of letters and numbers.
The above example is SM-G973F.
To look up your model number, you can just copy the entire code or just the G973F part, both will work.

Google the Model Number


Google the Model Number - check what Samsung galaxy you have PAIR Mobile

Enter the 5-digit code (with or without the SM- prefix) into Google or similar search engine.

This will show you exactly what Samsung Galaxy model you have so you can choose the right Samsung Galaxy repair for your device.

The above example shows that the Model number G973F is a Samsung S10.

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