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7 Important Things to Consider When Sending Your iPhone XR for Repair

7 Important Things to Consider When Sending Your iPhone XR for Repair

As soon as something goes wrong with our iPhone XRs, we want it fixed immediately. We book an appointment online and take it to the Apple Store only to be told that we have to wait a few days (not the case with Pair Mobile). While we are frustrated, there are some things we can do to ensure that our iPhones are repaired quickly and without any hassle.

Here are seven important things to consider when getting iPhone XR repair services:

1. Check if Your iPhone XR is Still Under Apple's Warranty Period. 

Who doesn’t want to get their iPhone XR fixed without the hassle of any hidden costs? Taking your phone to Apple can be a great way to ensure your device receives rapid repair with Apple parts. Plus, if your device is still under their 12-month warranty period, Apple will most likely cover all the repair costs. 

But it is no secret that taking your device to an Apple Store for repair can be very time-consuming. Unfortunately, the long wait times are due to the sheer number of customers that need their phones fixed. So, if you are unwilling to wait, this option is not for you.

2.  Look for a Third-Party Repair Store if Your iPhone XR Is Not Under Warranty.

Another great way to get your device fixed quickly is by searching online for third-party iPhone repair stores in Ireland Pair Mobile. A lot of these stores offer competitive prices and fast turnarounds.

Consider using a reputable and certified repair service like Pair Mobile. We offer a 12-month warranty on all our repairs and spare parts, so you can rest assured that you’re getting reliable service.

Plus, our experienced technicians use only premium parts for all repairs. We also guarantee super fast turnaround time. Many repairs are done on the same day!

3.  Book Your Repair Online at Our Website 

Need to book a repair? All you need to do is go to our website and let us know what the problem is. Our reliable repair team can get things sorted out in no time using only premium parts backed by a warranty that takes away all your worries.

So, don't wait! Go ahead and book your repair online now. It's quick and easy! Plus, you'll save yourself a lot of hassle.

4.  Back Up Your Data Before Sending in Your iPhone XR for Repair

It's always a good idea to back up your data before sending your device for repair. This is true not just for iPhones but any device. If something happens to your iPhone XR during the repair process, having a backup of your data can save a lot of time and hassle. 

5.  Provide Your Passwords and PINs

For added security, we'll also need you to provide passwords and PINs to further protect your device during the process. Rest assured that all information will remain private, so you can trust us with your repairs.

6.  Choose the Pair Mobile Store Nearest You

Aside from booking online, make sure to pick the nearest Pair Mobile shop to further minimise the hassle of getting your phone repaired. There are currently 6 Pair Mobile stores - four phone repair shops in Dublin, one in Cork, and one in Limerick. So, we’re sure you’ll find a store that’s just a stone’s away from you.

7.  Cracked Screens and Water Damage - Most Common iPhone XR Repairs

If you’ve encountered a problem with your iPhone XR, such as cracks or water damage, there’s no need to worry! With our reliable repair services and warranty, we will get your phone working like new in no time.

If you're having trouble with your iPhone XR, we can help you! Use our quick and easy online booking system. Then, back up all your data before sending us your device, include a note with details when you ship, and pack it securely. 

We are certified repair experts. So, you know that your device will get first-rate service from start to finish. Rest assured that we will keep you informed every step of the way via email notifications. With Pair Mobile, you get back to enjoying your iPhone XR quickly and with peace of mind.

Is your iPhone XR damaged? Our trained phone technicians will ensure your device gets back up and running as soon as possible. Click here to book your repair online today!

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