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Apple Repair Prices VS Third-Party iPhone Repair Service

Apple Repair Prices VS Third-Party iPhone Repair Service

Apple has been known for making it difficult for third-party repair shops to repair their smartphones and other devices. And for some people that doesn’t present a problem, after all, they want their iPhone repaired by Apple, guaranteeing original spare parts and professional service.

However, what if you send your iPhone to Apple for repair and you realize you have to wait for weeks, maybe even months for a simple screen replacement? Or you don’t have Apple Care and the repair is not covered by warranty, so now, you have to pay hundreds of euros and still wait for weeks to get your iPhone repaired.

Apple Repair Prices Are Not The Only Problem

When you compare Apple repair prices to third-party prices, you will notice screen replacement costs are almost the same. However, battery replacement, water damage diagnostic, and other smaller repairs are almost always cheaper at a third-party iPhone repair shop.

But that is not the only advantage. Third-party shops will repair your iPhone faster, much faster. You can get your battery replaced in an hour tops. Actually, most smaller repairs that don’t require extensive diagnostics can be performed in less than an hour.

On the other hand, when you bring your iPhone or another Apple product to a specialized Apple-certified repair shop, they first have to analyze the damage, get the original parts or send your device to a specialized centre, repair it, and send it back. They say this process can last three to five days, but it often takes one or two weeks.

And finally, something Apple repair prices don’t cover or offer is a warranty. At PAIRMobile, with every iPhone screen replacement you get a 12-month warranty, and on every battery replacement a 3-month warranty.

Looking at Apple Repair Prices

With good care, a new iPhone can last three years or longer easily, without a decline in performance. However, most warranties expire after two years, even less on specific parts inside the machine.

So, let’s say your iPhone screen breaks 2 years and one month into owning the device. The rest of the device works just well, and you think it’s better to repair your screen than buy a completely new iPhone. And you send it to a specialized Apple repair shop.

Two weeks later, you are frustrated because your phone still hasn’t arrived and every time you call customer service, their expected repair time seems to get longer. The result? You still don’t have your phone, you are paying a lot for the repair that takes longer than a flight to the Apple headquarters and back, so in the end, you just get a new upgrade or you buy a refurbished phone.

Apple Repair Prices are Too Steep

Screen replacements will cost you almost the same everywhere you go. But Apple is charging way too much for battery replacement and other smaller issues. At PAIRMobile, you can get those repairs done cheaper and what is much more important, most of our repairs are done in less than 24 hours.

Convinced? Head to our repair shop or contact us if you have more questions.
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