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How Long Do Phone Repairs Take at Our Cork, Dublin & Limerick Stores?

How Long Do Phone Repairs Take at Our Cork, Dublin & Limerick Stores?

Smartphones, regardless of the brand, have become the most used machines in our homes. You use them to check social media, communicate with friends and family, read news, and even work.

So what happens when your phone’s screen breaks? Or the battery dies? Maybe the home button doesn’t function properly. Let’s face it, there are many things that could go wrong with your phone, you just get used to the fact that it always works. And when it doesn’t, you panic.

The great thing is, with great service, you can have your phone working in no time. This post aims to answer the question, how long do phone repairs take?


Screen and Battery Repairs, Less Than an Hour

Screen and battery phone damages are one of the worst. If your speaker isn’t working properly, it is a nuisance, but you can still use your phone. But if your battery dies you are literally tied to your charging cable, one wrong move and the power is gone.

Same with a broken screen, how do you read and write messages with half of your screen blacked or dozens of little lines obstructing the pixels from working properly.

Luckily, the solution is quick and hassle-free. Our techs at Pair Mobile can repair your screen in one hour or less, and they can replace your battery in 30 minutes or less at any of phone repair shop locations throughout Ireland, including Cork, Dublin and Limerick. You simply choose your repair and drop your phone at one of our shops. Piece of cake!


Most Phone Repairs Take Less Than 24 Hours

Screen and battery replacement are the quickest repairs. But what about front and back camera repairs? Charging port or button issues? How long do these phone repairs take?

The answer is, most of our phone repairs take less than 24 hours. With your needs in mind, we have created a highly specialized service. Our experts can take a broken feature and return a working phone in one day.

With only two exceptions. Logic board repairs and audio issues take a bit longer. The reason is these are way more technical, usually require specific spare parts and they take a lot more testing to ensure the features are working as they should.


Quality Plus Warranty Phone Repairs

Repairing your phone is one thing, but making sure it works is another. Your smartphone will undergo a series of rigorous tests to make sure it works the same, if not better, as before.

Let us convince you we are the best phone repairs company with another feature. You will receive a warranty on every repair. You can expect a one year warranty on iPhone and Samsung screen repairs, six months on Huawei screen repairs, and three months for all battery repairs.

Don’t stress over your phone’s broken screen or dead battery. If your phone is not working as it should. Simply choose a repair from our phone repairs page and drop it off as soon as you can.

If you have any questions about our service or your phone’s status, you can always contact us.
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