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How To Scan Your iPhone for Malware

How To Scan Your iPhone for Malware

Even though this happens rarely, your iPhone can get “infected” with a virus. And the problem is increasing. As our technology is evolving and people are transitioning to smaller screens, hackers also try to extract information in an unethical way.

Newer iPhones, and most other Apple products, are well protected against viruses because of their “closed system”. However, it is important to know that your smartphone can get a virus or malware, you will usually download it yourself, and it is possible to repair it.

Malware Basics

Don’t get scared, this blog post isn’t aimed at highly technical folks, but you should know just what malware is and how to avoid it.

There are many types of malware targeting phones, also called mobile malware. Without going into too much depth, let’s cover what they usually do to your iPhone, and how you can get them.

  • You can get malware on your iPhone as you can virus on a computer. Usually, people download them through a suspicious email, by installing unverified applications, and by downloading stuff from sketchy sources.
  • What malware usually does is, tries to access your network, home or at work, and it sends viruses to other people’s phones.
  • They also scan your phone for data like location, passwords, and contacts. Then the malware sends the data to a third party, usually somewhere far away on the other end of the internet.

Malware is easily downloaded if you are looking for pirated documents or you are just discovering the deeper parts of the internet. The easiest way to protect your smartphone and your information is to avoid those sources or get antivirus protection. The latter is recommended anyway.

How To Scan Your iPhone for Malware

You can easily scan your iPhone for malware with antivirus software. But if you don’t, you will have to search for signs of weird activity on your phone. You could also look for an iPhone repair service and let professionals take a look.

Here are a few tips that could point to the fact your phone is contaminated with malware.

  • Apps are crashing unexpectedly - they can also open on their own, crash, not function as they should, etc.
  • Strange apps appear on your iPhone - this is a very common occurrence when you have malware. The malware will download and install some applications that you don’t need or use, and maybe you haven’t even heard of them.
  • Annoying Pop-ups in Safari - generally, Safari shouldn't bother you with pop-ups, but if that suddenly happens, your iPhone could have malware.

What To Do When Your iPhone Has Malware

If you are certain your iPhone has a virus or you think it has. You should bring your iPhone to us to repair it. That way you will get your iPhone cleaned while losing the least amount of data possible.

You should always have professionals handle such situations. Because malware targets your data, removing it can be sensitive, you could lose a lot of information on your iPhone. Do you need help cleaning your iPhone from viruses? Contact us now and let us help you.
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