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Pair Mobile Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Pair Mobile Celebrates It's 10th Anniversary

2020 marks the 10th year anniversary of Pair Mobile, the go-to shop in Ireland for brand new and refurbished cellular phones and top-notch phone repair services.

Established in 2010 by John and Dan, the company has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Dublin, where the brothers opened their first shop.

Pair Mobile - Initial years

On its first year, this family-run business focused on providing phone repair services. Then, it expanded its offerings to cater to the different needs of mobile phone users all over Ireland. From phone repair services, Pair Mobile now sells brand new and refurbished phones as well as accessories.

Pair Mobile - Growth Story over the last 10 Years

Over the course of a decade, this Irish-owned company has widened its reach, opening more stores in key places in and out of Dublin. Now, it has a total of 6 shops – 4 in Dublin, 1 in Cork & 1 in Limerick – all providing the same quality of service that the company is known for.

Pair Mobile’s success is deeply rooted in its unparalleled commitment to providing the best products and services to its customers.

It tirelessly works towards having a wide selection of mobile devices to cater to the different needs and budgets of customers. Its inventory features phones manufactured by renowned brands like Apple, Samsung and Huawei, all sold at the best prices.

Indeed, it has been a decade of impressive growth for the company, but hitting this milestone was not a walk in the park.

It meant constantly innovating to keep up with the fast-changing demands of the market and to stay competitive. It also entailed unwavering perseverance in the face of adversities, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pair Mobile - Repair Service

But the company does not just stop at providing the best phones at competitive prices. It also strives to give them an excellent phone repair experience – fast, affordable and high-quality repair work with a 12-month warranty.

With its experienced phone repair technicians, customers can expect the repair to be done right the first time and done fast. No temporary solutions. Only long-lasting fixes using original or superior-quality phone parts.

Pair Mobile - Online Bookings

To further enhance customer experience, it allows online booking which makes getting a repair appointment fast and hassle-free.

Pair Mobile - Covid Compliance

Innovate and persevere - these are exactly what the company did when the dreaded virus hit the country.

It has been a difficult year for Irish SMEs including Pair Mobile because of the pandemic. Yet, during this challenging time, the company’s resolve never wavered. It adapted to the changes and made adjustments quickly for them to continue to serve their clients without compromising safety.

It strictly complies with the HSA’s health and safety protocols with its staff members wearing masks and disinfecting the shop regularly. It also has sanitisers in the store for staff members and customers to use.

Furthermore, while their stores are open, visits can only be done by appointment. Customers can also opt to have their orders delivered if they are not comfortable going to the shop.

Despite the current circumstances, the owners remain optimistic that this is a crisis they can conquer. They look forward to seeing the business continuously grow and evolve, providing nothing less than exemplary products and services.

Pair Mobile - Summary

Indeed, being in business for 10 years is an incredible feat. A milestone such as this one is worth celebrating. So, for its 10th anniversary, Pair Mobile is offering promos and deals as a way of thanking the community that continues to trust and support them.

It has been an exciting decade, and Pair Mobile is intent on improving its brand with the hopes of solidifying its position as the preferred shop in Ireland for mobile phone needs. 

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