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What To Do When Your iPhone Home Button Is Broken

What To Do When Your iPhone Home Button Is Broken

All smartphones experience button problems at one point in time. iPhones are no exception. Especially older models with the built-in home button. The iPhone home button is often completely broken or doesn’t work as well as it should, which can be extremely frustrating.

Luckily, there are multiple solutions. In this blog post, you will learn a quick fix to get around the broken home button and where to look for a permanent solution.

Permanent Solution If Your iPhone Home Button Is Broken

The best thing you can do if you are looking for iPhone repairs of any kind is bring it to PAIRMobile. You can find your iPhone model on our website, choose the repair you need, and add it to your cart.

Afterwards, you simply bring the phone to our shop and leave with a fixed smartphone in a matter of hours. However, as much as our customers appreciate our fast and quality service, sometimes you need a quicker fix.

There are situations where you still need to use your phone before bringing it in for repair. Especially if you have a business phone and you are expecting an important call or you have to respond to an email. In these moments you cannot stand the fact your iPhone home button is broken.

A Replacement for Your Broken iPhone Home Button

In situations where you want to easily use your iPhone before you bring it in for repair, you can use a software replacement. iOS has something called AssistiveTouch, a great feature if you need an adaptive accessory or when your home button doesn’t work.

To turn AssistiveTouch on, you simply navigate to the Settings app, go to General Settings, and choose Accessibility.  After a short scroll, you will reach the Interaction section where you can tap on AssistiveTouch.

When you turn the feature on, you will notice a small square with a circle inside, it will usually appear in the bottom right part of your screen. This is your new home button. Notice you can drag it around until you find the least troublesome position. 

Try tapping the button. You will notice you have six options. Home, Siri, Custom, Device, Control Centre, and Notification Centre. Your new home button can act as a replacement for any other hardware button on your iPhone.

Since the broken home button is usually a problem on the older iPhones, you could consider buying a new phone. Caring for and keeping your phone for as long as possible is a smart decision. But after some time, the operating system will go obsolete and it will become increasingly difficult to repair such a phone. Hence, an upgrade might be handy.

Broken iPhone Home Button Repairs and Much More

Sometimes a home button repair is exactly what you need. However, at other times, you might need something else, maybe a screen replacement, or water damage diagnostics. 

Regardless of your or your iPhone’s needs, you can find the solutions in our shop. If you cannot find what you are looking for or have questions about a specific repair, you can always contact us.

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