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Popsockets Universal Sticky Mount for Popsockets

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Color: Black

Have PopSocket, need a mount? The PopSockets Mount enables you to attach your phone to your dashboard, mirror, refrigerator, bed post, wall, or locker. Your PopSocket will snap easily into and out of your PopSockets Mount to enable hands-free viewing.

PopSockets are fashionable accessories that help transform your mobile devices. PopSockets offer a secure grip for texting or snapping the perfect selfie, and propping your phone up for catching the latest video. Just "pop" & expand one whenever you need a grip or stand for those brilliant pix, videos, or posts.

  • Offers a secure grip so you can text with one hand, snap better photos, and stop phone drops
  • Functions as a convenient stand so you can watch videos on the fly
  • Allows for hands-free use with the PopSockets mount
  • Available in a broad range of styles and materials
  • Advanced reusable adhesive: repositionable, washable adhesive sticks to most cases, won't stick to silicone/highly textured cases. Packaging includes adhesive disc to apply directly to iPhone & other glass back phones
  • PopSockets-compatible mount for your smartphone, tablet, games console and more
  • Quick, easy attachment mechanism
  • Super-strong 3M adhesive sticks anywhere
  • One extra adhesive included for reattachment
  • Universal compatibility

Get the Popsockets Universal Sticky Mount for Popsockets  from PAIR Mobile now.