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OtterBox Micro-USB to USB-A Charging Cable 1M

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Color: Black



Use this Micro-USB for any older Samsung models, most Android Smartphones, Mp3 players, GPS devices, photo printers and digital cameras. Simply plug into your device and connect to any USB Type A Port, such as an adapter, laptop, computer or compatible Powerbank.

Waste no time and experience zero hassle keeping your devices charged with the durable and highly dependable OtterBox Micro-USB to USB-A charging cables. These cables are thoughtfully designed with industry-leading mobile expertise and proven quality for dependable use to satisfy every charging need.

  • Durable, trusted and built to last
  • Bend/flex-tested 3,000 times for dependable use
  • Flexible exterior cord coating for quality feel and finish
  • Check your device has a Micro-USB Port for this cable

Buy the OtterBox Micro-USB to USB-A Charging Cable 1M from PAIR Mobile.