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Promate Cyclone 36W Wireless Vibration Speaker

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Color: Black
The Cyclone Surface Vibration Speaker is at the hierarchy of the Bluetooth speakers. The sonic system within Cyclone vibrates like a regular speaker but amplifies these vibrations allowing them to permeate through anything from a desk or window to a cup or cardboard box. The sleek, metal design that looks elegant in the home and is complimentary to all interiors.
Although compact, this portable speaker is most impressive with Speaker & Surface Vibration modes which enable a fuller 360-degree sound experience. Experience super, spine-tingling bass that is propelled by surface vibration, meaning you get the power of a much larger speaker and amplifier effects in a small portable package.
  • Powerful 36 Watt speaker with touch control system, delivers supreme HD quality sound
  • Integrated mic and noise-cancellation call function permits the engagement of clear, hands-free phone calls
  • Multiple speaker modes tailor the sound to your setting, whether for a party or chill time
  • Turn any surface into a speaker thanks to the bottom suction pad which adheres to smooth surfaces, amplifying the vibrations to deliver a boombox quality sound
  • Universal compatibility: connect your smart devices wirelessly via Bluetooth or utilize the 3.5mm audio jack with an aux cable.
  • Dimensions 14 x 14 x 16.2 cm
  • Weight 1 Kilograms

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