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AirPods Pro - Recalled By Apple

AirPods Pro - Recalled By Apple

Apple announced today a recall on all AirPods Pro that were effected by a manufacturing problem that as they described as ‘’sound issues’’.

Apple say that users AirPods Pro will notice ‘crackling or static’ sounds in some instances along with the Noise Cancelling feature not working as expected. 

Apple has released the effected units were manufactured before October 2020. 



They released the following statement: 

An affected AirPods Pro may exhibit one or more of the following behaviour issues: 

- Crackling or static sounds that increase in loud environments, with exercise or while talking on the phone

- Active Noise Cancelling not working as expected, such as loss of bass or an increase in background noises and sounds such as street or airplane noise. 

Apple have said if you have noticed any issues with your AirPods Pro, you should contact Apple directly to take them to an Apple Store or Apple Authorised Service Provider. 

Apple will replace affected AirPods Pro for free. The company informs that AirPods Pro will be examined by technicians before the replacement in order to determine the malfunction as the AirPods Pro case is not effected and this will not be replaced. 

The recall covers affected AirPods Pro for 2 years after purchase. You can find more information here on this. 


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