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iPhone Water Damage

iPhone Water Damage

Have you ever dropped your iPhone into a kitchen sink with water in it? Or maybe it slipped from your hands and found its way to the toilet? I know, it happens to the best of us. And preventing it is impossible, it is like the embodiment of Murphy's Law.

What you do after the incident is what counts. It is foremost to know what to do and to immediately assess the damage.

iPhone Water Damage Indicator

The first step is to check whether your iPhone has suffered from water damage syndrome. Many electronic devices, and especially smartphones, have liquid contact indicators, or LCI. 

If your iPhone suffered water damage, the LCI activates and turns red (from white or silver). Checking for the LCI's colour change is your safest bet as other options like turning your phone on or trying to charge it may cause even more harm. 

Water damage is a significant problem that requires professional hands. Your next best step is to assess the damage, and who better to do it than us? Check our website for iPhone water damage diagnostics.

iPhone Water Damage Repair

LCI turned red, what do you do now?

You already completed the step one, which was to remove your SIM card, now you should wipe any leftover liquid and leave your iPhone in a dry location. Do not place your iPhone in a bag of any kind, doing so will hinder the water evaporation.

The next best step is to wait for your smartphone to dry. If you have commercial desiccants, like those silica gel packages you get when you order electronics online, now is a great time to use them. Desiccants will absorb humidity, not entirely, but they can help and are the safest option you have.

It is best to leave your phone to dry for 24 hours and then turn it on. If it does, act quick, because you are not out of the woods yet, you should try to back up your data as quickly as possible.

Water damage can spread, and it most likely will. It is imperative to have your data safely stored if the phone dies minutes or hours later.

What now? If your iPhone works, you are golden. And it may continue working. After all, the iPhone 7 and newer are water-resistant. The resistance varies with the model, but if you took it out of the water quickly, you have a high chance the damage is minimal.

It doesn't turn on? Or the speaker doesn't work? Maybe it won't charge properly? These are all possible water damage outcomes. To fix them, or some of them, you could try dismantling your iPhone and leaving it out to dry.

But why dabble in things best left alone, when you could have professional help. Pairmobile offers iPhone water damage repair services, along with screen, battery, and camera replacement, charging port repairs and more.

Because we understand what it means to have your iPhone find its way to a water bath our repair services are on a sale. We offer a 15 per cent discount on all iPhone repairs. Contact us now and have your iPhone working in no time.


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