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Where Can I Fix My Samsung Galaxy S20 in Dublin, Cork or Limerick?

Where Can I Fix My Samsung Galaxy S20 in Dublin, Cork or Limerick?

Samsung is undeniably one of the trusted manufacturers of smartphones worldwide. This is why it is not surprising that it is the number one selling phone brand. Like Apple’s iPhones, Samsung’s Galaxy S range, its flagship smartphone line, sells like hotcakes each year. 

While Samsung smartphones like the Samsung S20 are well-made, they can still get damaged and malfunction. Fortunately, it is possible to repair a Samsung Galaxy S20 in Dublin, Cork or Limerick. There are several reliable phone repair shops in these places, like Pair Mobile, that specialise in fixing Samsung devices. 

Are There Different Samsung Galaxy S20 Models?

There are many different models within the Samsung Galaxy S20 Range available in Ireland. All of these can be repaired.

How Can I Figure Out What Model My Samsung Phone Is?

There are 3 principal ways to know what your phone’s model is. There are different methods you can use depending on the state of your S20.

  1. Simply turning a Samsung phone around can tell you what model number it is. On the back of the device, Samsung refers to it as "Model Number." It's located beneath where it says "Designed & Engineered by Samsung." The model number will always begin with "SM-."
  2. Go to the Settings or Options menu, scroll all the way down to the bottom, and check 'About phone,' 'About device', or anything similar. The name and model number of your smartphone should be displayed.
  3. On the keypad, dial *#06# on the keypad. Then, details about your device's IMEI and serial number will automatically appear on the screen.

How to Find Your IMEI, Model and Serial Number if Your Smartphone Screen Is Damaged?

You may still access the settings menu of your device if your touchscreen is damaged or nothing shows on your screen by connecting it to a USB mouse or television.

You can follow the instructions on the Samsung Site FAQ “I smashed my screen and can’t use the touchscreen. Is there any way to access my data?"

List of Samsung S20 Models We Can Repair in Dublin, Cork or Limerick:

Repair Samsung Galaxy S20

Repair Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

Repair Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 

Repair Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G 

Repair Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Repair Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Repair Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 

Repair Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Typical Issues with Samsung Galaxy S20

If you're the owner of a Samsung S20, you might be wondering what kinds of issues you can expect down the line. What’s worse is that you could be experiencing one of these right now and need your phone repaired fast.

Cracked Screen on Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra or S20 FE

One of the most common problems is cracked screens. Given the size and weight of the phone, it's not surprising that this is a usual issue amongst Galaxy S20 users. 

If you drop and crack your screen or damage your phone in any other way, it can be a real pain. Not only is it unsightly, but a damaged phone can also be difficult to use. For instance, if your screen is cracked, it can be hard to see what is displayed. 

Water or Liquid Damage on My Samsung S20

Another common issue that Galaxy S20 owners face is water damage. Even though the Galaxy S20 is water-resistant, it's not entirely impervious to liquid damage. 

If you spill water on your phone or drop it in a puddle, it's essential to take it to a phone repair shop as soon as possible. The sooner you get your phone repaired, the lower the risk of the damage becoming more extensive.

Damaged Body or Casing with Exposed Insides

Another common issue that Samsung Galaxy S20 owners encounter is a damaged body or casing with exposed insides. This can occur for all sorts of reasons, including drops and spills. This problem can be complicated to fix on your own. If you attempt a DIY repair, you might exacerbate the problem.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Freezing or Not Turning On

If your phone is freezing or not turning on, it may be due to hardware or software issues. If the culprit is outdated software, then the problem can be resolved quickly. However, if it is hardware-related, it may take hours or days to fix the phone.

Unable to Connect to the Internet or Other Devices

Connectivity issue is also fairly common. This includes matters like connecting to the internet as well as connecting to other devices, such as printers, speakers, and other peripherals. If you fail to resolve this issue using the information you find online, you can always ask a trusted phone repair company near you to fix it.

Signal Strength and GPS Issues with my Samsung S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 users also confront problems involving signal strength and GPS capabilities or connection to satellite signals. Whether it's an issue with GPS accuracy or the inability to connect at all, these problems can often be solved relatively quickly and easily with the help of an experienced phone technician.

Problems with Signal, Calls, Messaging, Roaming or SIM Card on My Galaxy S20

If you're having issues with your signal, calls, messaging, or roaming capabilities on your Galaxy S20, a few things may be causing these issues. These include hardware and software-related problems and other malfunctions that could affect your phone's performance. 

S20 Camera Not Working or Taking Low-Quality Photos

There are a few things that could be causing your S20 or S20 + camera not to work or take low-quality images. These may include hardware or software glitches. In most cases, these problems can often be solved relatively quickly and easily if you take the device to a reputable smartphone repair shop like Pair Mobile.

Hard Drive Issues with Galaxy S20

Crashed, corrupted, or failed hard drive on your Samsung S20 can be a serious issue – one that can render your device unusable. Some of the reasons behind the problem are physical damage to the hard drive as well as logical damage that can occur due to software issues. 

Unable to Recognise a SIM card, MicroSD Card or USB Drive

Malfunctioning hardware is often the usual cause of Samsung Galaxy S20 SIM card, micro SD card, or USB drive issues. For example, the reader is not able to read the SIM card.

Problems with Buttons, Screen, Display and Accessories

If you're having issues with the buttons on your Galaxy S20, the screen or other pieces of hardware and accessories, it's likely due to a physical issue. Examining the device or peripheral is critical in determining the cause of the problem. Hence, it is imperative that you take your device to a repair shop immediately.

These are just some of the common issues that people have with their Galaxy S20s. But remember, the Samsung S20 can be repaired. All you have to do is find a trusted phone repair shop with qualified technicians.

Repair Shop for My Samsung Galaxy S20: What Can You Expect?

Trusted shops offer expert smartphone repairs with trained and experienced technicians handling the devices. You can expect to find fast and high-quality repairs for all sorts of issues, including damaged body or casing with exposed insides, water or liquid damage, and problems connecting to the internet or other devices. 

They can also help if your device is not turning on, freezing, or having other battery-related problems. Additionally, they can provide Samsung S20 + repairs for issues related to signal strength, calls, messaging, roaming, or a SIM card. 

Finally, if you are having issues with buttons, screen display, and accessories, expert technicians can also help with that. So, whatever problem you are experiencing with your Samsung S20 FE, look for a trusted phone repair shop near your location and rest assured that experts can help you address it.

Are you having problems with your Samsung S20?  Bring it to our phone repair shop in Dublin, Cork or Limerick! We offer fast and high-quality repair for Samsung Galaxy S20 and other smartphone brands and models.

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