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How to Decide if You Should Bring Your iPhone to a Repair Shop

How to Decide if You Should Bring Your iPhone to a Repair Shop

If you have an iPhone 11 or 12 that needs repair, you may be wondering if you should bring it to a trusted iPhone repair shop like Pair Mobile. There are a few things to consider when making this decision.

First, think about the type of repair that is needed. If the iPhone needs a new battery or screen, then a repair shop will likely be able to help. However, if the phone is having other issues, such as slowing down, it may be best to go to an Apple Store or another authorised repair centre.

PAIR Mobile Repair iPhone 12 Pro Repair

Another thing to consider is the cost of the repair. Mobile repair shops typically charge less than Apple Stores. However, it is important to make sure that the iPhone repair shop you choose is reputable and uses Grade A parts for the repairs. Otherwise, you may end up spending more in the long run.

Finally, consider the convenience of the shop's locations. If it is close by and has convenient hours, then it may be worth it to go there to have your device fixed. However, if you have to travel a long distance or take time off from work, then it may be better to go to an Apple Store or another authorised repair centre if it is nearer and has better business hours.

Pair Mobile's iPhone Repair Shop Locations

Pair Mobile has 6 locations - 4 phone repair shops in Dublin, 1 in Cork and 1 in Limerick.

In the end, it is up to you to decide whether or not to bring your iPhone to a reputable shop for repair. What is important is that you take into consideration the factors mentioned above - type of repair needed, cost of repair, repair shop location and if they do same-day service - before making a decision.

What Are the Most Common Problems With an iPhone?

The most common problems with iPhones are cracked screens, battery issues, and software glitches. Repair shops can usually help with all of these iPhone repairs. But if the phone has more serious problems, such as a hardware issue, it may be best to go to an authorised repair centre.

Do All iPhone Repair Shops Use Genuine Apple Parts?

No, not all iPhone repair shops use genuine Apple parts. If you want to ensure that your phone is repaired with genuine Grade A parts, then it is best to go to a trusted repair centre like Pair Mobile. 

PAIR Mobile Repair iPhone 11 Pro Repair

Should I Get a Warranty With My Repair?

Warranties are not typically offered for iPhone repairs. However, if you are concerned about the quality of the service, then you may want to ask about the shop’s repairs warranty when you bring your phone in. 

This shouldn’t be a problem though when you go to a trusted shop. For example, at Pair Mobile, we offer a 12-month warranty for most iPhone screens and a 3-month warranty for most iPhone batteries.

What Else Should I Know Before Bringing My iPhone to a Shop? 

Be sure to back up your iPhone before bringing it in for repair. This way, you will not have to worry about losing any important data if something goes wrong while it’s being fixed. 

You should also disable any features that could potentially interfere with the repair, such as Touch ID or Face ID.  You will also need to give the shop your PIN so their technicians can access your phone.

Finally, ensure you have all the necessary accessories when you bring your iPhone to the shop, such as a power cord and headphones. 

What Are the Benefits of Going to an iPhone Repair Shop?

There are a few benefits of going to an iPhone repair shop. First, they typically charge less than Apple Stores. Second, most repair shops can do the repairs while you wait. Finally, they usually have a wider range of parts and accessories than Apple Stores.

What Are the Disadvantages of Going to an iPhone Repair Shop?

There are a few disadvantages of going to an iPhone repair shop. First, not all shops use genuine Apple parts. Second, some shops may not have the latest tools and equipment to repair your iPhone properly. Finally, you may have to wait a while for the repairs to be completed. 

What Models of iPhones Can be Repaired Today?

The iPhone 7 up to the iPhone 12 models can be fixed at most repair shops in Ireland. However, if you have an older model of iPhone, such as the iPhone 6 or 5, then you may need to go to an authorised Apple repair centre instead.

Here is a list of the iPhones that can easily be repaired at Pair Mobile:

What Types of Repairs Does Pair Mobile Do?

At Pair Mobile, we can do a wide range of repairs on all models of iPhones. Apart from cracked screens and battery replacement, we also fix the charging port, loudspeaker and camera module. We also replace glass camera lens and repair water damage and software glitches.  Furthermore, we have a wide range of accessories for your iPhone. 

Can I Book My iPhone Repair Online at Pair Mobile?

Yes! You can book your repair online at our website.

Here’s how to do it:

You look for the iPhone model in our drop-down list. Choose the repair type you are looking for. When you go to checkout - choose the location you want to drop the phone off to.

Booking a repair online PAIR Mobile

You will receive a confirmation email - and that's it - just bring your phone in and show the email - and we'll do the repair for you. Screen and battery replacement can typically be done in less than an hour - so enjoy looking around the shops while you wait.

Are you having issues with your iPhone’s screen, battery or camera lens? Don’t wait for the problem to worsen! Let our trained phone technician check and fix your device. Book your iPhone repair here today!

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