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How to Keep Using Your Samsung Smartphone When it Starts to Slow Down

How to Keep Using Your Samsung Smartphone When it Starts to Slow Down

The thing about Samsung repairs is that they save you money while reducing CO2 emissions. With good care, maintenance and occasional repair a smartphone can last longer than its warranty period. 

But it is also understandable you want to change your phone because it is getting too slow. So, to encourage you to keep it, here are a few tips on what to do when your Samsung smartphone starts to slow down.

Samsung Repairs You Can Do to Speed Up Your Phone

The first basic step is to check whether your smartphone uses the latest version of the operating software. You can get the newest updates following these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to settings 
  2. Go to software update
  3. Choose Download and Install
  4. On-screen instructions will tell you what to do next

Newer Samsung smartphones have a feature called quick optimization. You can use it to improve your smartphone’s performance and make it faster. The feature will clear unused items from your phone’s memory, close background apps, and delete files you haven’t used or opened in a long time. To turn it on you can simply:

  1. Choose Device care from the Settings menu
  2. Tap on Optimize now

Finally, cleaning your smartphone’s memory is another thing you can do to avoid Samsung repairs. In general, if you reach 90% or more of your phone’s storage capacity, you will likely see a reduction in performance. To avoid this, you can:

Clean storage:

  1. Find Device care in Settings 
  2. Choose a category with items you don’t need anymore
  3. Choose items you want to delete and press delete when ready.

Clean Memory:

  1. Find Device care in Settings
  2. Choose Memory and tap Clean now

Samsung Repairs for When Your Phone is Already Slow

If your smartphone is already slow, and you have had it for a couple of years. You could get a new one. Or fix it. As we said, Samsung repairs have proven to be a more economical as well environmentally friendly solution.

If your Samsung smartphone is still slow after trying all the steps above, then you should try booting it in safe mode. Safe mode will run your phone using only the essential operating system, meaning all applications and additional features you installed will be unavailable.

If the phone works completely fine in safe mode, the reason is a corrupt or a faulty app or feature. You should then try to find which app is responsible or simply reset your phone to factory settings (don’t forget to back up your information!).

How to enter Safe Mode:

  1. Turn your phone off and wait 10 seconds
  2. Hold the Power button to turn it back on.
  3. When you see the Samsung logo, press and hold the power and volume down keys at the same time
  4. It will start again, this time in safe mode, release the power key, but hold the volume down key until the system loads.
  5. Exiting the safe mode is as easy as restarting your smartphone.

On the other hand, if safe mode doesn’t fix the problem, you are facing a possible corruption in the operating system and your best bet would be to bring the device to a Samsung repair service provider.

All you need to do is pick the repair online and bring your smartphone to one of our shops. If you need help or you have questions, you are always free to contact us.

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