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When Should You Look for iPhone X Battery Replacement?

When Should You Look for iPhone X Battery Replacement?

iPhone X was introduced with cool new features like wireless charging, a TrueDepth camera system, and better battery life than its predecessor - iPhone 8. To most users’ pleasant surprise, the X managed to go through a normal day at work without draining the battery before lunchtime.

It proved to be even more than that. With proper care and maintenance, iPhone X could easily last you two to three years without the need to get a new iPhone. Even longer, unless the battery starts to act up.However, most people don’t know when to replace their iPhone’s battery. Is half a day battery life long enough for you? How much do you use your iPhone? Do you need it for work? Let’s look at when should you look for an iPhone X battery replacement.

Look for iPhone X Battery Replacement When its Health is Low

In 2018, Apple introduced a Battery Health feature. This feature shows your battery’s maximum capacity in percentage from the full capacity when it was new. To access this feature simply navigate to:

Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health

Lower capacity means shorter battery life and lower performance, especially if you play mobile games or perform other process-heavy tasks. 

Below maximum capacity, you will find an indication called “Peak Performace Capacity”. If everything is well the message should say: “Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance”.

This message, combined with your usage of the device is critical in determining when to look for iPhone X battery replacement. If you use your iPhone for simple tasks, your battery’s capacity will decrease, but it won’t affect your user experience, because you rarely reach peak performance.

On the other hand, if you rely on heavy use, you are better of getting a new battery as soon as the capacity drops below 80%. 

A few more reasons to look for a new battery would be if your speaker cannot produce the full volume or your screen’s brightness is constantly low. However, these problems could also be caused by a faulty application or another hardware issue. 

In that case, your best bet is to book a repair online and bring your smartphone to one of our shops. Our experts can quickly determine if you need iPhone X battery replacement or another solution

Upgrading to a New iPhone or Replacing Your Battery

Every time you have to look for an iPhone repair, you might wonder if it is worth it, and would you be better off upgrading.

Simply looking for an iPhone X battery replacement is one thing, and if that is the only problem, we would advise you to keep your iPhone and help mitigate climate change by postponing your new purchase.

However, if you are experiencing more malfunctions, a slower performance, crashing apps, lower battery life, and more, you would be better off with a new or refurbished smartphone. If you are looking for an iPhone X battery replacement or need help with your new purchase, you can always contact us.
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