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How to Repair a Dead Android Smartphone?

How to Repair a Dead Android Smartphone?

If you want to know how to successfully and safely repair a dead android smartphone, first you have to understand what does it mean to be dead, for a smartphone? 

If you cannot turn your phone on, it is completely unresponsive regardless of which buttons or combinations of buttons you press, and you cannot charge it, your phone is dead.

This can happen due to many reasons like water damage, any kind of shorting, even falling on a hard surface, etc. Therefore, you should know right away, the best thing to do is send your smartphone to a phone repairs centre. But there is also a bit of troubleshooting you could do beforehand.

Check if Your Android Phone is Truly Dead or Just Frozen

Smartphones can also be frozen. It happens quite often and is usually due to a faulty app installation, virus or malware, or a different kind of error. Your first step is to try and charge it. Try to charge your smartphone and observe what happens during the next few minutes.

If your battery was completely drained, it might take some time for your phone to display the charging icon. However, if that doesn’t happen, you should try to turn your phone on or off using the standard power button.

Still nothing happening? Use force restart. Forcing your phone to restart means using a combination of buttons like the power button + volume up/down. The exact combination depends on your model, but you can easily Google that. 

If forcing your phone to restart achieved nothing, you should try to remove the battery, if you can. Most modern smartphones have an integrated battery, and in this case you should wait until the battery is completely drained and try to charge it again. 

From here, you could have two options. One, your battery is dead and you need a new one. In that case you can simply book an online phone repair. Second, you are still unsure what is happening. And if the latter is the case, it starts to get a bit complicated.

Factory Reset or Flash Your Android Phone

Both factory reset and flashing your phone are advanced phone repair techniques and you have to be careful when performing either because, at the very least, you will lose all your data.

If you cannot turn on your phone then factory reset can be a viable option.

First, you have to enter recovery mode, and the key combinations again depend on your model. Once in recovery mode, find an option that says factory reset or clear data and cache, something like that.

Bring Your Smartphone to PairMOBILE

It would be a lot easier and safer for you to bring your smartphone to one of our shops. Factory reset through recovery mode is already quite technical, but flashing your android phone is even harder. And giving a general approach tutorial is impossible.

To make sure you don’t damage your smartphone or make any irreversible changes, you should simply leave such work to professionals. If you want to know more about how we can help you you can always contact us.
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