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5 Things You Can Do Before Sending Your Phone for Repair

5 Things You Can Do Before Sending Your Phone for Repair

If you are sending your smartphone for repair it is important to think about sensitive information and how it can be easily accessed and abused. 

Nowadays, almost all of your information is on your smartphone. Financial and health information, contacts, passwords, and emails. Everything is stored on your smartphone and accessing it is easy. So, here are a few steps you can take to protect your data, and make the repair process smoother.

Backup and Reset

Resetting your smartphone will erase your data, or at least make it hard to recover for most people. It might be worth knowing data can still be accessed after a factory reset. So, if you are sending your smartphone for repair, and you are afraid for the safety of your sensitive data, you should encrypt it, and then do a factory reset.

For everybody else, it will be enough if you backup your data, and do a factory reset. This will erase most of the personal information and also remove all the nuisance applications, making the job easier for the smartphone repair experts.

Disable Security Features

You should remove security features like PIN and pattern locks, or fingerprint authentication before you send your smartphone for repair. This will allow the experts to repair your phone and test it without too much hassle with bypassing the locks.

Remove Sim Card

Your sim card is your connection to the rest of the mobile world. Simply remove it from the phone you are sending to repair and put it into a replacement phone. Depending on the situation, you might get a refurbished phone as a replacement during the repair time.

Remove External Storage

Remove external storage to make sure it doesn’t get lost or damaged during the repair. And also because you can use the data you have there while your smartphone is in repair.

Write Down Your IMEI Number

Writing down their IMEI number is something people rarely do before they send their smartphone for a repair, most don’t know what it is. And yet, it can be crucial to get your phone back, and not somebody else's.

Here’s what sometimes happens. You come to pick up your phone, and you get a smartphone that looks exactly like yours. Same model and colour, but after a day or two you realize it is not your smartphone. You also realize there is someone else in Dublin or across Ireland with your phone.

IMEI number is a unique smartphone identifier. To avoid confusion, you can write down your IMEI number and check if the number corresponds after repair.

Bring Your Smartphone to The Best Phone Repair Service Provider

Finally, the best way to avoid the need to protect your data is to bring your smartphone to a trusted and certified smartphone repair centre - PairMOBILE.

If you have any questions about an ongoing repair or we can help you with something else, you can reach us through this contact form.

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