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How Much Will an iPhone Screen Repair Cost You

How Much Will an iPhone Screen Repair Cost You

Are you looking to replace your iPhone screen but you are worried about the costs? 

iPhone screen repairs can be expensive. And depending on your iPhone’s model, you might be better off with an upgrade. 

iPhone screen repair cost also depends on where you send your iPhone for repair. Official Apple Authorized Service Providers tend to charge more, and you get to wait longer for a repair. You probably don’t think about it, but time is something to include in the price as well.

Let’s dive deeper into the costs of replacing your iPhone screen down below.


How Much Does iPhone Screen Repair Cost?

iPhone screen repair cost mostly depends on your model. If you look at the official Apple support website for screen replacement, you will find iPhone 12 screen repair without warranty costs €311.10, and for iPhone 11 costs €221.10.

On the other hand, repairing the same models at PAIR Mobile costs you €299 for iPhone 12, and €150 for iPhone 11. As you can see, the price difference increases with older models.

There is also a little catch Apple rarely mentions. When you give your iPhone for repair at PAIRMobile or another top Irish smartphone repair service provider, the repair is done within hours, less than an hour for screen replacements.

Sending your iPhone to Apple can take days, even weeks. It gets worse if you have to wait for special parts. All the while, you don’t have a smartphone, and you have to find a replacement, which means spending even more money.

BTW, did you know that if you have the right insurance policy for your phone, then your iPhone screen repair cost should be covered?


Is it Worth Replacing Your iPhone’s Screen?

Another question most iPhone owners ask themselves is: Is the repair worth it?

You could be talking about screen replacement, but also about battery replacement, water damage diagnostics, or another repair.

The short answer is: Yes, iPhone repairs are worth it. Even when you account for the iPhone screen repair cost. By repairing your smartphone, you are prolonging its usability, saving money for yourself, and doing a service to the environment by decreasing electronic waste.

The only situation when replacing your iPhone’s screen isn’t a better option is when your smartphone is so old its operating system is almost obsolete. For example, Apple has already stopped releasing updates for iPhone 6, meaning it is highly probable that it will become obsolete this year.


How to Prepare Your iPhone for Screen Replacement?

Before you send your iPhone for repair, there are a few steps you should follow. 

Firstly, you should back up your data. You can do that easily through your iPhone’s Smart Cloud or if you cannot use your touchscreen, do a backup on your PC. If you have sensitive data you want to protect, you should also erase all data after the backup is complete.

Secondly, you should remove your SIM card and turn off your security features if you can. Then Book an Online Repair or Contact our team.

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