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iPhone Repair Ireland

Here Are the 7 Most Popular Questions About iPhone Repairs

Apple is a brand known for the quality of their products and the fact that they make repairs of the same products difficult. If you want to send your product for repair to an Apple service provider, you can expect to wait for days, if not weeks, all the while without a replacement device.

Luckily, there is another way to tackle iPhone repairs, and that is through third-party repair services like PAIR Mobile. Yet, because it is a third-party service, people have many questions about the pricing, repair duration, and quality of the repair.

Let’s tackle those questions right away!

How Much Do iPhone Repairs Cost?

iPhone repair costs depend on the model and the issue. Here are prices for a few popular iPhone repairs:

What is worth mentioning is that repairing older models is often cheaper at a third-party service provider than at Apple’s repair centres.

How Long Does it Take to Repair an iPhone?

At PAIR Mobile, screen and battery repairs take less than an hour, and most other iPhone repairs take less than 24 hours.

Do I Get a Warranty on iPhone Screen & Battery Repairs?

Yes, you can receive a free 12-month warranty for iPhone screen repairs regardless of the model. And you can count on a free 3-month warranty for all battery repairs.

You can read more about our warranty here.

Are iPhone Repairs Worth It?

Generally, iPhone repairs are worth it. The longer you use your iPhone the more you will save, plus you will do a great service to the environment and reduce the amount of electronic waste.

The situation where the repair is not worth the price is when the model is so old it is soon obsolete.

Can a Water Damaged iPhone Be Repaired?

Yes, if you bring it soon enough and you go over all the steps to stop water from doing too much damage. Long story short, turn off your phone, remove the battery, sim card, external storage, and anything else that can be removed, dry it with a towel, and leave it on a dry surface for the moisture to slowly evaporate. Finally, bring it to PAIR Mobile.

Can a Cracked iPhone Screen Be Fixed?

Of course, all you have to do is book your iPhone screen repair and bring it to us. You can expect the repair to be done within the hour!

Where to Find the Fastest and Highest Quality iPhone Repairs?

If you want the fastest iPhone repair service, you need Ireland’s number one phone repair service provider - PAIR Mobile.

You will receive a tailored approach, thorough investigation as to why your smartphone isn’t working, and fast results. If you would agree that is all you need, you can simply book your iPhone repair or contact us through this form.

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