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Where to Look for High-Quality and Fast Phone Repairs in Swords

Where to Look for High-Quality and Fast Phone Repairs in Swords

If you live in one of the tows in Ireland with a high quality of life, you want an excellent, reliable, and fast smartphone repair service. In other words, if you are looking for phone repairs in Swords, you shouldn’t look further than our PAIR Mobile shop.

But you might also wonder, how fast can a phone repair be? And what determines the quality of the service? Let’s jump into that with this blog post.

Phone Repair in Swords, How Fast Is It?

When you start looking for android or iPhone repairs, you will quickly notice PAIR Mobile shop at The Pavilions is your fastest and most reliable choice.

On average, you can get your smartphone repaired in less than an hour, and our experts can complete even the most complicated tasks in less than a day. Unless your smartphone is beyond repair, you don’t need a replacement. 

Now compare that to official Apple or Samsung repair service providers. If you order your repair at the Apple repair website, you will wait for days, sometimes weeks, all the time without a smartphone. And today, a smartphone is a crucial part of our lives, for business people, students, and working professionals alike.

How Much Does a Phone Repair in Swords Cost?

Phone repairs in Swords depend on the damage and the model of your smartphone. For example, an iPhone 12 screen replacement will cost you €299, and the S21 battery replacement costs €50.

It is worth noting that while comparing prices between official Apple or Samsung phone repair providers and third-party providers, prices for newer models are almost the same. It is with older models like iPhone 6 or 7, that the difference in prices begins to grow.

You also have to account for the warranty. After a few years, or if your smartphone suffered damage not covered by warranty, you will have to pay the full price for a smartphone repair. Luckily, for the cheaper price you can find on our website, you will also receive a 12-month warranty on all iPhone and Samsung screen replacements and a three-month warranty on all battery replacements.

Repair Your Phone or Buy a New One?

If you have had your smartphone for a year or two and it recently started to slow down, you might wonder whether it is better to simply replace it and buy a new phone. It is a general rule, almost all smartphones can last for three to four years with regular maintenance a few repairs.

So, unless you genuinely want to upgrade, repair your smartphone and keep using it. You will be doing a service to both your wallet and the environment by purchasing fewer electronics and creating less e-waste.

Whether you are looking for a phone repair or a new device, you can find both at our shop in Swords. And if you have any questions about an ongoing repair or a new product, you can always get in touch or give us a visit in person.

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