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iPhone Repairs – Most Common Causes 2.0

iPhone Repairs – Most Common Causes 2.0

Are you wondering what are the most common reasons for iPhone repair aside from cracked screen and water damage? Read on to learn more.

Faulty Buttons

While iPhones are touchscreen devices, they still have buttons. In fact, these few buttons have integral functions like turning the device on/off and controlling the volume. Since they are frequently used or because of improper handling, these buttons can malfunction and make it impossible to operate the device.

Camera Issues

iPhone cameras are top-rated. Hence, a lot of people love this smartphone brand. However, these cameras are not resistant to wear and tear. From capturing crisp images, they can end up producing photos which are blurry or distorted because of lens damage. When this happens, replacing or repairing the lens is the only solution to obtain perfect photos again.

Battery Issues

The battery of an iPhone is not immune to wear and tear or damages. Over time, battery failure may happen as the lithium-ion battery hold less and less power. For this problem, replacing the battery is the best option there is.
Another common issue is the battery failing to charge. The usual culprits for this are defective phone hardware components or a faulty charging cable.

This issue needs to be addressed immediately to prevent battery failure.
Undeniably, having a malfunctioning iPhone can be very alarming and stressful. Fortunately, there are shops that repair iPhones at a reasonable price and with a quick turnaround time.

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