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Get your phone fixed in 3 Easy Steps!

Get your phone fixed in 3 Easy Steps!

Is a cracked screen a familiar sight to you?

With everything that’s going on, sometimes getting your phone fixed is just at the very bottom of the list of things to do.

PAIR Mobile can get your screen or battery replaced in an hour or less.

Get your phone fixed in 3 Easy Steps


Get your phone fixed in 3 Easy Steps at PAIR Mobile 1

iPhone? Galaxy? Huawei- we got ‘em all!

Choose your device and phone model from our Repairs Menu and pick out the Repair you need from the drop down menu.

Whatever the repair-big or small, we’ll get your phone fixed in a jiffy.

Not sure what’s wrong with your phone?

Phone is acting up and you’re not sure why? Or maybe you have more than one issue with your phone you’d like to get sorted- Don’t panic.

Choose Choose ‘Other Issue (Diagnostics)’ from the drop-down menu.

Our tech experts at PAIR Mobile will diagnose the issue with a full battery of tests and advise on what the issue could be. Our experts will advise you via email or telephone call and you have full control on whether you want to proceed or not. 


Get your phone fixed in 3 Easy Steps at PAIR Mobile 2

Got everything you need in your basket? Great!

Of course, make sure you’ve sated your hunger for the latest accessories and phones at PAIR Mobile- perhaps one or two other items found their way into your basket. No judgement here. Let’s go!

At the checkout be sure to ‘Choose your Store Location’.

You can check against our 6 stores nationwide to see what store suits you best.

Find your local store here at


Get your phone fixed in 3 Easy Steps PAIR Mobile 3

Now you’re laughing- you’ll get an email confirming your repair details. Pop down to your elected PAIR Mobile store with your phone and show the email outlining the repair details to a member of staff. We’ll take care of the rest for you.


  • Screens & Batteries replaced in < 1 HOUR

  • Most* Repairs completed in < 24 HOURS

*Logic boards and water damage may take longer, depending on the extent of the damage. 


Whatever the damage, we at PAIR Mobile stand by the efficiency, quality, and premium standard of our Repair Service.

Our Repair Techs hold each repair to an impeccable grade. Once the repair is completed, your phone will be rigorously tested to make sure it is working perfectly and can be approved for collection.

Your phone will need to pass a checklist of verification checks before we can approve it for collection, so know your repair is in safe hands.

Not only do we offer fast and efficient service, but we also guarantee our Repairs Service.


iPhone Screen Repair- 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Samsung Screen Repair - 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Huawei Screen Repair - 6 MONTHS WARRANTY

All Battery Repairs - 3 MONTHS WARRANTY

*Please note that warranty is void if phone is bent or is water damaged.

So you’re getting a lightning fast service, premium quality checks AND the assurance that if something goes wrong- we have your back and will take care of the issue, free of charge.


So what are you waiting for?

Don’t crack up- Book your repair now and get your phone fixed!






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