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What Are Refurbished Phones, And are They Worth it?

What Are Refurbished Phones, And are They Worth it?

Refurbished phones are not the same as the usual second-hand smartphones you can find on eBay. They were bought and returned fairly quickly to our store. Sometimes this happens because of the manufactures fault and at other times, the costumers simply change their mind and decide to return it during the first 30-day period.

One of the main reasons why you would want a refurbished phone is its affordability. It comes for a fraction of the price. However, be careful where you buy refurbished phones. The difference is huge between private eBay sellers and refurbished phones you can find on PAIRMobile.

Our Refurbished Smartphones

There are two main reasons why you should only buy refurbished phones from a trusted seller.

First of all, they have been tested. Even though the phone has been “used”, you still deserve the best possible quality for your money. This is why we test every phone’s audio and screen responsiveness while also checking Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity.

All the buttons have to work, and the system has to be upgraded to the latest possible release. Furthermore, to respect the data protection act, we wipe any data the user might have left when they returned their phone. To put it simply, the phone will be as good as new.

The second reason why you should buy refurbished phones from our stores is the warranty. We offer three months warranty on all our refurbished smartphones, plus, in our stores and online, you can always get phone accessories you are missing.

Refurbished Phones Grading System

While there isn’t a universally set standard, refurbished phones have their grading system. The grades go from A as the highest to D as the lowest. For example, a grade-A phone will be as new as possible. This is the closest to a new phone you could get without paying the new phone price.

Grade-B describes a phone that looks almost new but has a few scratches. Basically how it looks after a day in your pocket together with your car keys. Grade-C smartphones will show signs of use, and grade-D is what we would describe as truly “second-hand”.

Typically, you will only find grade-A refurbished smartphones on our website. And the same is for all trusted resellers. Sometimes you could find a grade-B, at worst C. But grade-D you could only buy on eBay or similar online marketplaces, and even there they would advise you to only buy it if you can repair smartphones yourself.

On PAIRMobile, you can also find A+ refurbished smartphones like this iPhone XR. For us, A+ means the phone is almost perfect but we also provide the box, charger, and cable.

Or You Can Always Buy a New Phone

We understand if you don’t like the idea someone has already owned your newly-bought smartphone. This takes the magic away from unboxing, and it simply isn’t new. If you are looking to buy a new iPhone, you can order it online or meet us in-store

If you have questions about new or refurbished phones, feel free to leave us a note here.
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