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Samsung Galaxy S21 Speculations on Its Design and Specs

Samsung Galaxy S21: Speculations on Its Design and Specs

After the release of Apple’s iPhone 12 series, eyes are now on its major competitor – Samsung. Anticipation has been building up for the South Korean company’s new line of smartphones which are expected to debut in January 2021.

Speculations about these Android phone’s design and features set the tech world abuzz the past days. So, what pieces of information are there about these new Samsung phones?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is rumoured to be released in three different models - Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

What sources are saying is that the S21 models will have a more advanced camera system plus faster performance because of the enhanced Qualcomm and Exynos chipsets.

Interested to know more about the possible features of these upcoming smartphones? Below are some of the leaked information and speculations about this product:

Samsung Galaxy S21 – Design and Specs

Size, Display and Design

In terms of size, the S21 is anticipated to be slightly wider than the Samsung Galaxy S20 with dimensions of 151.7mm x 71.2mm x 7.9mm. This comes with a 6.2-inch 120Hz Full HD+ Display.

Meanwhile, the S21 Plus is slightly bigger with a 6.7-inch 120Hz Full HD+ Display. The S21 Ultra is the biggest device in this series with a 6.8-inch 1-120Hz Adaptive WQHD+ Display.

In terms of looks and design, based on the renders released online, the phones in this line-up closely resemble the S20 handset.

The S21 series will still use the 2.5D screens like their predecessor. The S21 and S21 Plus are expected to have flat displays, while the S21 Ultra will have a curved display.


The speculation is that the cameras on the S21 and S21 Plus will most probably be the same as their S20 counterparts: 12MP main lens, 12MP ultrawide lens and a 64MP telephoto lens.

It is a different case for the S21 Ultra though as it is expected to have advanced camera specs - 108MP main lens, 10MP 3x optical telephoto lens, 10MP 10x optical telephoto lens and a 12MP ultrawide lens.

While the significant camera upgrade is only featured in the S21 Ultra, all S21 series phones are expected to have incredibly good video recording capabilities at 8K/30fps and 4K/60fps. Plus, all devices are expected to have better ‘Night Mode’ recording capability.

Rumour also has it that the S21 series will have an improved version of the Dual Camera mode. If true, this upgrade will be useful for video recording enthusiasts as they can record using the front and back camera at the same time.


For the processor of the S21 Series, the expectation is that Samsung will probably continue what it has done in the past. It will use Qualcomm chipsets for devices released in the US and Exynos, Samsung’s own chipsets, for S21 phones released in Europe and other regions.

Qualcomm’s new chipset, Snapdragon 875, is expected to include a 5G modem. Meanwhile, there are reports saying that the Exynos 2100 performs three times better than Snapdragon 865, the Snapdragon 875’s predecessor. If this rumour is true, then we can expect a significant improvement in the performance of Exynos-powered S21 devices.


According to the leak, the S21 series will have reliable & long-lasting batteries. Just like the S20 series, the S21 model will have the same 4,000mAh battery. Meanwhile, the S21 Plus and the S21 Ultra will have a 4,800 mAH and a 5,000 mAh battery, respectively.

Samsung’s decision to equip the S21 phones with better battery life makes sense since having the 120Hz display consumes a lot of power.

Other Information on the Samsung Galaxy S21


Now, let us get down to what every buyer wants to know aside from the specs – the price.

The Galaxy S21 Series will probably have similar price points as the Galaxy S20 Series. With this assumption, the price of the S21 phone will probably be around €900. The S21 Plus will have a price tag of around €1100, and the S21 Ultra will be around €1300.

Release Date

In the past years, Samsung scheduled its smartphone product launch in March. Hence, everyone expected the company to stick to this practice. However, the latest speculation is that the debut will happen earlier. The launch is expected to be on the second week of January 2021.

Other Speculations

In the recent launch of the iPhone 12, Apple received a lot of negative feedback because they removed chargers and headsets as inclusions upon purchase of the phone.

Some are saying that Samsung will most probably head in a similar direction. However, they may decide not to go that route given the public’s reaction after the iPhone 12 launch. But we would just have to wait and see what would happen by January 2021.

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