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Top Reasons to Switch from Android to iPhone

Top Reasons to Switch from Android to iPhone

As a long-time Android user, you may have apprehensions about switching to an iPhone. This is understandable as it can be hard to let go of something you have been used to. However, trading your Android device for an iPhone is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

Why should you switch from an Android phone to an iPhone? Read on to find some of the compelling reasons to go for an Apple smartphone.

Ease of Use

It’s been said time and again that iPhones are easier to use than Android phones. It is easy to navigate – thanks to its simple but versatile iOS user interface (UI).

With the intuitive UI, you would not require any special training to learn how to use the device. The truth is that you would not even need to open the user manual to understand what each feature does.

What’s even great is that, even if you upgrade your iOS, the home screen and the entire device still work the same way!

Simply put, with the user-friendly design of the iOS, you do not have to worry about a major learning curve when you trade your Android phone for an iPhone. Trust us, whatever your age is, you would not have a tough time learning how to use Apple’s smartphones!

Better Security

Apple smartphones remain to be the undisputed winner when it comes to security. Even with the development of Android devices with so-called state-of-the-art security features, many tech experts still choose iPhones.

One reason why iPhones have top-notch security is because of the timely updates and security fixes that are rolled out to and installed in all devices. This means that all iPhones are updated to the same level of security and for the same amount of time.

Furthermore, Apple has a tight grip on its hardware and operating system. It does not allow owners to modify the device and iOS.

In addition, Apple implements a stringent vetting process for apps that want to be featured on the App Store. This greatly lessens the likelihood of malware and scamware apps sneaking in and affecting the devices.

Share Files Securely and Easily

It is easy to share files online these days using various apps. But being able to do it easily and securely with a person near you is not a walk in the park with an Android device. This is not a problem with the iPhone because of its AirDrop feature.

It is one of the most useful but underrated Apple smartphone tools. While it’s been around since 2011, not a lot of iPhone owners use it and understand how powerful this feature is.

One of the noteworthy things about AirDrop is that it lets you share files even without an Internet connection or cell service. For as long as the Apple devices are physically close to each other, they can send each other documents, photos, videos, etc.

What’s even more impressive is that there is no file size limit! You probably experienced failing to send a document via email or other apps just because the file exceeded the allowed size limit. This is a common problem – a very inconvenient one at that. You do not have to worry about this when you use AirDrop. Not only will you be able to send large-sized documents but also do it easily.  

Maintain Their Value

New Android phones from different manufacturers are sold in the market each year. As a result, the value of Android devices depreciates quickly. This is not the case with Apple smartphones. The number of new iPhone models released each year is limited – at most 2 to 3. As such, the value of older ones does not drastically fall.

But the biggest reason why iPhones are able to maintain a high resale value is quality. Apple devices, in general, are manufactured using superior-quality materials. Moreover, iOS updates are rolled out not just to new models but also the old ones as well. So, the previous-generation devices do not become obsolete quickly.

With an iPhone, you can never go wrong! Once you experience the convenience of using an Apple smartphone, you would regret not switching early on.

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