The 5 Reasons Your Phone is Always Dying & How to Fix it Now

By admin@PAIR on 14 Nov 2017

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It’s time to Take the Power Back!

We love our smartphones, we do! Everybody sing it with us! Ok, maybe you’re not the singing type, we’ll let you away with it. Are there words enough to express how much we love and depend on our snapchatting, photo taking, whatsapp texting, phone call making companions?

On the other hand, it seriously pains us when the feckin thing ups and dies every couple of hours. Agghh, what’s going on?!?


Is there anything more annoying than a phone that doesn’t last past lunchtime. Don’t worry, Pair Mobile has your back. You shelled out enough of your hard-earned cash to get the phone in the first place and you just can’t be dealing with that low battery sign every time you need to send a crucial message!

It’s Time to Take the Power Back!

First, and you might wanna sit down for this – it might actually be your fault your phone is losing the will to live. But, that means that you can fix whatever you’ve been doing that doesn’t help the situation. Yay!

Smartphone Battery Kiss of Life Technique Number 1 – Charge it Just Enough

What does that mean? Think of it like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, she was mad for her porridge not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Well, your phone’s like that too when it comes to charging.

Loads of us plug our phones in overnight to give it a good boost for the next day in an attempt to get it to last a bit longer. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help matters at all. The thing is, once your phone is fully charged, keeping it plugged in causes battery stress, which over the long term reduces its battery life.

Letting your phone die completely is another no no.  What you want to do is charge it on an on-going basis, whenever you can, give it a quick boost and then go on your merry way again.


Smartphone Battery Kiss of Life Technique Number 2 – Easy on the Notifications

You’ll have noticed that anytime you install a new app on your phone it asks you to allow notifications. We’re asked yes or no and generally we don’t think too much about it. But, when you do think about it – do you need notifications from every single app on your phone? Probably not. Especially if the cost of having those notifications on is that your phone dies constantly.

Go through your apps when you have a chance and see just how many you have allowed notifications for. Obviously, there’s ones where notifications are important, but on the other ones, knock em off. Each time you get that notification your phone comes back to life and uses up battery power unnecessarily.

Smartphone Battery Kiss of Life Technique Number 3 – Turn off GPS

Location services are so handy for so many things. This is coming from someone who wouldn’t know which way to walk if you spun her round three times in the same spot. For me, location services are a life saver! But, do we need them on all the time?! Eh, no. Even the worst of us, and I’m including myself in that category, don’t need location services on when we’re sitting on the couch.

By all means use your location services as much as you like, but remember to turn it off afterwards. So much extra information that you don’t even realise is being tracked with location services, sure some of it can be useful, but some of it is just going back to the manufacturers for development purposes. The features you need to leave on generally are Emergency SOS, Find my iPhone and motion calibration and distance (for using fitness apps etc.) pretty much everything else can be turned off without worrying.

Go through your apps and see which ones are using your location – a grey arrow means the app used your location in the last 24 hours while a purple arrow shows that it’s using your location right now. Ask yourself if it’s necessary for these apps to know your location, if not, you know what to do! Turn it off.


Smartphone Battery Kiss of Life Technique Number 4 – Turn down the lights

Does the brightness of your phone stun you when you turn it on in a dark place? Chances are your light settings are turned up higher than they need to be. Of course, you wanna be able to see what you’re doing on your phone, but do you need to be able to navigate around your room at night with it? There’s a torch for that! And if it’s that bright at night, it’s also that bright during the day, but we just don’t notice it.

To save battery power you can either turn down the screen brightness. It’ll seem weird at first, but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly. Or, alternatively, just enable the auto-brightness option. This makes your phone as bright as it needs to be for the environment you’re in.

Smartphone Battery Kiss of Life Technique Number 5 – Stop Searching for Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi networks are another thing about smartphones we love. Who doesn’t love free internet access?! But, if your phone is constantly searching to find a network as you go about your daily life, even when you have no intention of being active on your phone, it’s gonna drain your battery.


Most of these quick fixes are very easy to do and they don’t take much time, so your smartphone battery life could be improved pretty quickly if you try them out. The one thing is that some of them take effort, like you have to remember to turn features off after you’ve used them. But, if you only did one or two of the above tips, your phone will start to thank you for it before long.

What do you think, are scaling back the features on your phone worth it for a longer charge? We love to hear from you so let us know in the comments.

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