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Is It Worth Replacing Your iPhone SE Battery

Is It Worth Replacing Your iPhone SE Battery

Apple says that the new iPhone SE can go up to 13 hours of watching videos on a single charge. However, as awesome as that may sound, we all know batteries aren’t made to last forever.

Depending on how you charged your iPhone, you are going to need a new battery sooner or later. Or a new iPhone. The good thing is that if your iPhone is working, you can simply replace the battery and continue using it for a few more years. Here are a few things to consider when looking to replace your iPhone’s battery.

Is Battery Replacement of Apple Products a Worthy Investment?

When you think about replacing your iPhone SE’s battery, or the battery of any Apple product, there are a few key points to consider.

Firstly, how old is your iPhone? 

Apple is known for making old operating systems obsolete and making new systems demanding enough that older phones have a hard time delivering performance even when they can install it. In other words, if your iPhone is quite old, you would be better off getting a new one, or a new refurbished iPhone.

Secondly, how long can your battery last? 

Under heavy usage, you can’t expect your iPhone’s battery to last more than a day. Even less is completely normal. Unless you have an empty battery in two to four hours, you should postpone the battery replacement of your Apple phone.

Okay, let’s say that your battery is so weak your iPhone cannot work properly. Plus, you have had your iPhone for only two years, meaning Apple’s warranty has ended and you don’t have AppleCare+. What do you do now?

Where to Find Battery Replacement of Apple Products?

When it comes to Apple battery replacement, you have three options. One, do it yourself, two, give it to an Apple Store, and three, give it to an expert repair shop like PairMobile. 

On older iPhones, you could change the battery yourself. You would only need a new battery, some tools, and a little know-how. However, newer models are much more difficult when it comes to battery replacement or any home smartphone repairs for that matter.

Official Apple Store is an option, but it also has a few disadvantages. Usually, it takes three to five business days for battery replacement by Apple. Also, they charge much more for their service.

Finally, you are left with the best option possible when it comes to replacing your iPhone’s battery, simply send or deliver it to PairMobile.

Battery Replacement of Apple Products at PairMobile

When you give your iPhone for repair to PairMobile, you can expect two things. Battery replacement is usually done in half an hour, and it will cost you 30€. If those two are not enough for you to realize replacing your iPhone’s battery at PairMobile beats sending it to Apple, we have an ace up our sleeve. Warranty.

That’s right. On every battery replacement of Apple’s iPhones, you will receive a three months warranty. Good enough for you? Simply head to our repair shop or contact us if you have more questions.
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