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What Happens to a Water Damaged iPhone

What Happens to a Water Damaged iPhone

Typically, when you drop your iPhone in water, be it sea, a river, your local pool, or most commonly a kitchen sink, you don’t spend a thought about what is happening inside. If you have a water damaged iPhone, you try to dry it out as quickly as possible and hope your last backup wasn’t so long ago.

Now, we could talk about the best steps to take when your iPhone suffered water damage. And we could tell you that the only effective type of repair is through an expert repair shop. However, today, we will take a look at what really happens once water molecules break through the little openings in your smartphone.

How Can Water Damage an iPhone?

There are four main ways how water can damage an iPhone. 

The short circuit is the first type of iPhone water damage. Water, if it was pure, wouldn’t cause a short circuit. However, once water reaches the motherboard through the headphone jack and other cracks or holes, the ions, minerals, and other impurities cause the circuit to short. A large current is created where there shouldn’t be any current and the circuit is often burned.

Secondly, leftover water can cause corrosion. Even if you took your iPhone out quickly, turned it off, and dried everything, there could be some water left in places you cannot reach. The water reacts with the materials and causes problems. Hence, the best thing to do after the few basic steps is to look for water damage iPhone diagnostics.

Next, you have battery damage. Water reacts with alkaline inside your iPhone’s battery and it creates damage that is both immediate and irreparable. The only way to go about this problem is to replace your iPhone’s battery or buy a new waterproof iPhone where the battery and other most important components are sealed and water cannot reach them.

Finally, commonly, water damage results in iPhones in a broken screen. It doesn’t have to appear broken. Maybe you won’t notice any cracks, however, if any amount of water touches a digitizer, it will shut it off. A digitizer is a highly sensitive layer on your screen that converts touch commands into digital signals your iPhone can understand. Without it, your screen won’t properly work.

Who Best to Fix a Water Damaged iPhone?

If you drop your iPhone in water, you should take it out, turn it off, open the case, take the sim out, and dry everything you can. After this, there isn’t much you can do but bring it to the professionals.

As you have learned from this post, if you try to turn your phone on, leftover water can cause a short circuit. If you try to blow dry the water, you could also push it further inside until it reaches your battery or your digitizer. 

The best and only safe thing you can do is send your iPhone for repair. Luckily, you have already found a trustable and effective iPhone repair shop. So, all you need is to head to our iPhone repair website and choose your repair, or contact us if you have any questions.

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